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Sure Things in the 2021 NFL Draft

Kyle Pitts TE Florida

People may say, "you don't draft tight ends in the top five picks", those people have never seen Kyle Pitts play. Kyle Pitts is the best tight end I have ever seen play college football and I couldn't sit still when watching Pitts' film. When ever he'd jump up to make a catch I always got up out of my seat. He is just so fun to watch and will catch anything thrown his direction. While he may not be the best blocker, he gives it all that he's got. If I had to guess, Pitts will be a top five tight end by the end of year two... maybe even the best tight end. I would bet the house on Kyle Pitts ending up a top three player in this draft and I can't wait to see where he ends up. The three best landing spots for him are the Chargers, Dolphins, and Panthers. I think he ends up with the Falcons, but I still see him getting his fair share of targets as a rookie.

Kyle Pitts
Amari Rodgers WR Clemson

One of my favorite players in this entire draft is Amari Rodgers. I can clearly see how he's going to be used in the NFL and that is as a YAC slot receiver. He can line up all over the field, he's so versatile. Think of Randall Cobb when you're trying to find a comparison. He's going to be used on special teams and as a receiver coming out of the backfield. Anyone of those Kyle Shanahan prodigies will be able to cut out the perfect role for Rodgers. I think he's a top 50 player in the draft, but I'm hearing third round buzz with him. Rodgers is going to come in from day one and be an absolute weapon for whatever team he gets drafted by.

Amari Rodgers
Najee Harris RB Alabama

The way that the running back position is being viewed in the modern day NFL is so unfair especially for players like Najee Harris. If this was five years ago, we'd be talking about Najee as a lock for a top ten pick. He should be discussed in the same category as Saquon Barkley, Ezekiel Elliot, and Christian McCaffrey as a prospect. Harris can do anything you ask of him: run through, past, and over somebody. In the passing game, Harris is extremely effective as both a receiver and a blocker. Najee Harris is an absolute dog and he's one of my favorite prospects in this draft. I have a top ten grade on him and I'd be shocked if he isn't one of the best running backs in the NFL next year.

Najee Harris
Patrick Surtain II CB Alabama

Not a lot of players are worthy of the title as a technician, but Surtain absolutely does. He does basically everything right. Fluid hips and quick feet are two ways to describe Surtain's strengths. You can tell that his dad has been training him to be a cornerback since the day he was born. He's a super smart player and is a beast in both man and zone coverage. I think Surtain has a very high floor and is practically a lock to be a starting corner from day one. I expect the Cowboys to draft Surtain immediately if he's still there at pick number ten, but a team may try and leapfrog Dallas for him. The Panthers shouldn't be ruled out as a potential landing spot for Surtain as well. Every day that goes by, Surtain's draft stock rises.

Patrick Surtain II
Elijah Moore WR Ole Miss

Elijah Moore is the only player on this list that I don't have a high rating on, but I know I'm going to be wrong about. I have him as my ninth rated receiver and that's not because I think he's going to be bad, but because of how good this receiver class is. To put in perspective how good I think this receiver class is, I have ten receivers with a top two round grade. I just have a really good gut feeling that Moore is going to be one of the most reliable receivers in the NFL. He will dominate in the slot and I compare him to Cole Beasley. Elijah Moore's rating has been keeping me up all night and I think he's going to be a pro bowler one day. The Titans would be a perfect landing spot for him on day one along with the Packers. If he somehow falls to day two (which I don't expect), the Giants need to be all over him. 

Elijah Moore
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