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Patrick Surtain II Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Patrick Surtain II is an absolute technician, he was the number one corner at Alabama and dominated in the SEC. While he only had one interception in his final year, it is due to a lack of targets. Surtain locked up his side of the defense and can succeed in both man and zone coverage. Surtain is at his best in off-man coverage, but he can do anything the defense asks of him. The versatility in Surtain’s game makes him destined to succeed wherever he ends up. Whatever team drafts Surtain will instantly become better. 


What intangibles do you look for in a corner? Speed? Surtain’s got that, he ran a 4.46 40 yard dash. Loose Hips? Surtain’s hips are like butter, so damn smooth! Surtain’s instincts and eyes are off the charts; he gives defensive coordinators exactly what they want. What really separates Surtain is his footwork. Since he doesn’t rely on his hands in press coverage, his footwork makes him such a good cover corner. His ability to stick to his receivers like glue, without having to use his hands makes him a threat. When facing off against a more physical receiver, like Seth Williams from Auburn, Surtain was able to hold his own. He was able to get physical and use his hands even though that isn’t really his game. Playing for Nick Saban’s defense, you need to be willing to lower your shoulder as a corner and Surtain is. Watching Surtain makes me think of the Michael Jackson song, “Man in the Mirror”. He mirrors the opposing receiver so well. As soon as the receiver cuts, Surtain flips his hits. Right as the receiver’s eyes light, Surtain turns and finds the ball. There is a good chance that Surtain is the first corner off the board.


While Surtain is very technical, there are still a few flaws in his game. When going in for the tackle, he goes in too high. This will result in either him getting ran over in the NFL or missing a tackle. There is also a lack of aggressiveness when being blocked by a receiver, he didn’t show the ability to shed blocks once they were engaged. Against the aforementioned Williams and Joshua Palmer (from Tennessee), Surtain gave up big plays due to a second burst from the receiver. There aren’t many flaws in Surtain’s game, but those are a few things that may cause him to get beat in the NFL.


There is no doubt that Surtain will be a top 15 pick in this year’s draft. The Chargers and Cowboys are two teams at the top of the draft that will be in play for Surtain. If for some reason Surtain was to fall, the Saints would be an amazing fit. He would take over at corner opposite to Marshon Lattimore. Patrick Surtain has the potential to be a top ten corner in the NFL within the next three years.

Patrick Surtain II
Patrick Surtain II
Film Study

Eyes + Instincts 8.5/10

Ball Skills 6.5/8

Hands 6.25/8

Footwork 7/7

Physicality 5.5/7

Size + Speed 6.25/7

Man Coverage 4.75/5

Zone Coverage 4.25/5

Tackling 3.5/5

Overall: 52.5/62

Final Rating: 85


Pro Comparison: JC Jackson

Team Fits: Chargers, Cowboys, Vikings, Saints

Draft Ranking: Top 25 Pick

Draft Projection: Top 15 pick

Patrick Surtain II
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