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No matter how many times Martez Carter was knocked down in his life, he keeps getting back up with a big smile on his face. Click here to read about Martez Carter's incredible journey to stardom.

On February 23rd, 2020 I had an all-access pass to the LA Wildcats vs DC Defenders XFL Game. TO read about my experience at this game, click here!

In case you haven't seen what's go on the past two weeks of the XFL, click here to read about what you'v'e missed!

There is a new and improved professional football league coming to America! The XFL is filled with NFL talent, NFL coaches, new rules, and much more! Click here to read all about the XFL!

The AAF came to a quick ending due to undisclosed reasons. Here is what I took away from the AAF!

Throughout my time with the Fleet, some players stick out more than others. Damontre Moore is one of those players. He has a ton of great energy and is probably one of the most willing players to interview with me. He is not just super nice off the field, he is a BEAST on the field. Click here to read about how he is on the verge of a legendary comeback.

Click here to find out my story of finally reuniting with Salt Lake City QB B.J. Daniels!

In a week 3 matchup, the San Antonio Commanders flew to San Diego to face the Fleet. They had played against each other in week 1, but this was a whole different story. Click the link to find out what happened!

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to go to the Atlanta Legends vs San Diego Fleet game and in this article I talk about my experience at the game!

I had an amazing opportunity to interview San Diego Fleet Wide Receiver Kameron Kelly. He was extremely selfless and humble when talking with him. Kelly is a versatile wide receiver who is extremely athletic and is a fan favorite. Check out his answers to all my questions with this link here!

What is this brand new football league that everyone's been hearing about? Is it the Alliance? Is it the AAF? How is it different from the NFL? Click this link to find out!

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