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What We've Seen Through 2 Weeks of the XFL

Through two weeks of XFL football, the league has far exceeded expectations. The league is extremely progressive with their new rules and the games have been extremely entertaining. A week before this league started, I said that the XFL can be a direct feeder league into the NFL, and I really believe this is true. Not only have the viewers enjoyed the new and improved league, but it really looks to be sustainable. The XFL has produced two great weeks of football and it has just enough rule variety to truly separate itself from the NFL. 

A couple players that have really stuck out to me are: Nelson Spruce, PJ Walker, Cardale Jones, and Rashad Ross. All four of these players have produced where ever they are at and deserve a chance. Let's start with the receivers, Nelson Spruce and Rashad Ross. Both Spruce and Ross have dominated in NFL Preseason, the AAF, and so far in the XFL. These are two guys who are destined for NFL roster spots, so keep an eye on those two receivers for the rest of the XFL season. Now the quarterbacks, PJ Walker and Cardale Jones. Walker is one of those supposed "College Studs who's game won't translate to the pro's". While I do think this title does travel with some players, if you are a baller, you are a baller. PJ Walker has innate abilities to play quarterback. He is the XFL's version of Lamar Jackson. If it's throwing with weird arm angles or making athletic plays that quarterbacks shouldn't be able to make, Walker does it. Walker is so talented, it would be robbery if he didn't make it back onto an NFL roster. Cardale Jones on the other hand is a pro-style quarterback if I've seen one. He is better than at least half of the second string quarterbacks in the NFL and is deserving of a roster spot. Jones is undefeated as a starter in college and through two weeks of the XFL, and has shown that he's capable of playing quarterback at a high level. Jones throws with great touch and has a cannon for an arm. Jones deserves a spot without a doubt.

So far the two teams that have played the best are led by the two best quarterbacks, PJ Walker and Cardale Jones. The Houston Roughnecks (Led by Walker) are coached by June Jones who's done a great job offensively calling up plays. The Defenders on the other hand are being coached by Pep Hamilton who if you remember was the offensive coordinator for a handful of Andrew Luck's best seasons. 

One of the most entertaining aspects of the game is the audio. While I don't think this will convert to the NFL, the fans get to hear the coach call the plays and the players after a big play happens. There is nothing harder than being asked questions after either giving up a touchdown or missing a field goal. The XFL takes the viewer through what's going on in the player's head. 

Through two weeks of the XFL, the league has provided their viewers with both entertaining and real football.

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