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Damontre Moore: A Comeback Story

If it's with the Texas A&M Aggies, the New York Giants, or the San Diego Fleet, Damontre Moore dominates where ever he plays. Moore continues to wreak havoc in the AAF and is setting himself up to be on an NFL roster next season. Moore is a versatile pass rusher who can play multiple positions on the defensive front. Moore played outside linebacker at Texas A&M before switching to defensive end in the NFL. This means that he has natural speed and can bend at the top of his rush. Moore's versatility translates to his production. Currently, he is third in the Alliance with 5.5 sacks. The most impressive part is Moore has only played five games compared to everyone ahead of him who has played 6.


Moore is averaging over one sack per game and constantly finds himself in the opposing quarterback's nightmares. When talking to Moore after the Fleet vs Birmingham Iron game, he told me how much he loves cartoons. If Moore was a cartoon character I'd compare him to the Tasmanian Devil because of how ferocious he is. As soon as the Tasmanian Devil gets into his tornado, he can run through or past any one, similar to Moore off the line. I also compare him to the "mon-stars" from the movie Space Jam because of how much bigger and stronger he is compared to his competition. Either way, Moore is a game wrecker and gives the Fleet 6 years of NFL experience.

Moore provides energy for the entire Fleet team and fanbase. If he's celebrating after a sack or giving entertaining postgame press conferences, he is clearly a fan favorite. During the games I constantly hear fans scream, "I miss you Damontre" or things like "the Giants need a pass rusher!" He's not only a fan favorite, but a team favorite. His teammate, Francis Owusu, told me, "He's a guy that brings energy, leadership, and a great attitude everyday. He has great preparation skills and it shows on game day. [He's] definitely someone you want on your team." This shows just how beloved Moore is and that he is more than welcome back into NFL locker rooms.


It's hard not to respect what Moore's done. He has put up production everywhere he's been. Let's go back to college, Moore was an absolute monster at Texas A&M. In his freshman year he was a backup outside linebacker and still had 5.5 sacks and an interception, but that was only the start. The following season Moore earned the starting role and his production began picking up even more. In his sophomore season, Moore put up 8.5 sacks and over 70 tackles...but his junior season is where he really started to get on the NFL's radar. His 2012 season is a season that all high school athletes dream of. He was a menace. Moore posted 12.5 sacks and 85 tackles. This season led to him becoming a first team All-SEC outside linebacker and a consensus All-American. Moore looked to be a top ten pick, but after poor testing at the combine he fell to the third round. The Giants got a steal, it's as simple as that.

After having 10 sacks in the NFL, Moore is now in the AAF and is changing the game. Currently Moore is destined for a comeback into the NFL. The AAF has provided him with a platform to show that he can still be a game changer off the edge like he was at Texas A&M. Moore has been unblockable and an absolute dog for the San Diego Fleet. He is living up to his Instagram handle (@Damonster98) and has been personally one of my favorite players that I have interacted with on the Fleet. Moore is one of the most energetic players on the team and is always willing to do interviews with me after the game and have conversations with me as we walk up the tunnel. Moore is a perfect example of someone who is making the most of their opportunity. He is no doubt, one of the best players in the Alliance and has shown why he should be on an NFL squad next season. Everyone should watch the Fleet play this week so they can see what I see. Moore is writing his comeback story, so you should watch him before it's too late.

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