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In the NFL, mental speed is just as important as physical speed. Click here to read how scouts examine a player's mental capacity and coaches develop it.

Robert Saleh just got filled a major hole in his defense. Click here to see how Iowa State Edge Rusher, Will McDonald, fits in the Jets' defense!

Emmanuel Forbes has the both the ability and presence to be a true number one corner in Washington. Click here to see why he is such an asset for the Commanders!

South Carolina DB Cam Smith is going to be a physical presence that plays a huge role in the Dolphins' defense. Click here to see why he will thrive as a nickel for Fangio!

Jonathan Mingo
Sam LaPorta
Jameis Winston

Why John Michael Schmitz will allow Brian Daboll to get even more creative as a play caller! Click below!

May 15, 2023

Is Jonathan Mingo Bryce Young's #1 receiver of the future? Click below to find out!

May 10, 2023

Ever since Dan Campbell got to Detroit, the Lions have been missing a true X-Factor from the Tight End spot. They may have just found their X-Factor. Click below...

July 17, 2022

Love them or hate them, this is the year that these quarterbacks must make a name for themselves. Click here to find out who they are!

Derwin James.jpg

July 16, 2022

Which offenses and defenses are bound for breakout years in 2022? Click here to find out!

Deebo Samuel

July 15, 2022

While there are plenty of great receivers in the NFL, in this article I make the argument that there are only four that play the position like no other in the NFL.

Daniel Jones

June 16, 2022

While the Giants and Jets have struggled in recent years and the Bills lost in crushing fashion in 2021, there should be a lot of hope for the New York football teams. Click here to find out why!

Odell Beckham Jr
Kayvon Thibodeaux
Justin Fields

June 6, 2022

One of the biggest misconceptions of team success in the NFL is that whichever team has the most superstars is the one that will win the most game. Click here to discover the secret to team success in the NFL!

Why Kayvon Thibodeaux is Destined for Day-One Success in the NFL

May 14, 2022

Click here to see why my experiences with New York Giants defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux makes me believe he is destined for day one success in the NFL!

May 22, 2022

Last year, it was Joe Burrow... this year it could be five different guys. Click here to see how the top five quarterbacks in 2022 can take that jump!

Zach Wilson
Trevor Lawrence
Russell Wilson

May 21, 2022

After watching the Bengals do it in 2021, which teams will be the ones taking that "next step" in 2022? Click here to find out!

February 21, 2022

Which players are going to take major leaps under their new coach? Click here to find out!

Click here for every regular season weekly preview in 2021!

Lynn Bowden Jr.

February 10, 2022

Click here to find out which Dolphins player will be the NFL's next rock star under Mike McDaniel!

Lovie Smith

February 7, 2022

Which teams hired their head coach of the next decade and which team hired a coach that will probably be on the way out next year? Click here to find out!

Brian Flores

January 13, 2021

There are eight open head coaching spots in the NFL. Click here for the best candidate for every open job including where Brian Flores and Eric Bienemy end up!

Byron Leftwich
Under the Radar Head Coach Candidates for 2022

December 24, 2021

Which four coordinators are sneaky candidates for head coaching jobs in 2022? Click here to find out!

Matthew Judon
Which Three Teams are Getting Hot at the Right Time?

December 13, 2021

The Teams that tend to win the Super Bowl are the ones with the most momentum and best chemistry. Which three teams are heating up at the right time and are capable of making a Super Bowl push?

Josh Allen.jpg
2021 NFL Division Predictions

September 6, 2021

The NFL season is just three days away. If you want to bet on team win totals or just want to know what is going on in the NFL, this is the article for you! Click here to find out how the NFL will fare out in 2021!

Joe Tryon
Devonta Smith.jpg
Top 5 Defensive Rookie of the Year Candidates

September 5, 2021

Every year there is a new wave of defensive studs that enter the NFL. Which five players are most likely to win defensive rookie of the year this year? Click here to find out!

Top 5 Offensive Rookie of the Year Candidates

August 29, 2021

Some players come out of nowhere, some are top ten picks, which five rookies are most likely going to win offensive rookie of the year? Click here to find out! 

Jamal Adams
Players Who Will Prove People Wrong in 2021

August 4, 2021

Which NFL Players are going to prove all the doubters wrong in 2021? Find out here!

Quinnen Williams
Most Exciting Preseasons in 2021

August 2, 2021

Which five players am I most excited to see in the 2021 preseason? Which players have the most pressure and which players are going to give us previews of a monster season? Click here to find out!

Five Future NFL All-Pro's

July 24, 2021

Which five young NFL players are poised for a breakout, all-pro caliber year? Which rookie made this list? Click here to find out!

Mike McDaniel
Jon Gruden
Justin Jefferson.jpg
Jerry Jeudy
Five Future NFL Head Coaches

July 18, 2021

Which five coordinators in the NFL are bound to be head coaches either in 2022 or the near future? Some of these guys may be obvious, two of them aren't as obvious. Click here to find out!

Five Coaches on the Hot Seat in 2021

June 25, 2021

Which five coaches have a make break year in 2021. If their teams don't perform, these coaches will be on the way out. Click here to find out which five coaches are on the hot seat!

Top 5 Wide Receiver Duos in 2021
June 13, 2021

This list needed to be updated after the monster Julio Jones trade. Which receiver tandem will be the hardest to stop in 2021? Click here to find out!

Second Year Breakout Players

May 23, 2021

Every year we see a few second year players become the best at their position. Just look at what Devin White did last year! These players will have breakout sophomore seasons!

Julio Jones
Teams that should Trade for Julio Jones

May 20, 2021

Julio Jones is officially on the trading block. Every team would benefit from trading for Julio Jones, but which three teams would benefit the most? Find out right here!

Cam Newton.jpg
Quarterbacks with the Most Pressure
in 2021

May 16, 2021

Which quarterbacks have to have a career year this year? Which quarterbacks could be on their way out? Find out here!

Week 12 of the NFL Season is here and there are a lot of good games. Click here for my preview of NFL Week 12!

The playoffs are coming... a week out of Thanksgiving day football, it's about time NFL teams start making their playoff pushes. Click here for my NFL week 11 breakdown!

Politics and Sports have always been intertwined. Click here for an article I wrote for my school newspaper based on the relationship that sports and politics have.

This week we will see some of the best young quarterbacks in head to head matchups. This week is also filled with close games! Click here to see my predictions for Week 10!

Week 8 of the NFL season is here! Click the link in my bio for a full breakdown of every week 8 game!

Week 7 has some of the best games in the NFL season. In this article I break down the Titans vs Steelers game, the NFC West Sunday Night football showdown, and all of week 7's slate of games.

Week 6 of the NFL season is here. There are some amazing matchups from Josh Allen vs Patrick Mahomes to Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers. Click here for my predictions to every game this week!

COVID-19 has affected everybody's lives and it's chosen the NFL as its next victim. Click here to see how COVID-19 has affected the NFL.

Through the NFL Season my picks are 33-15-1. This week I expect the high scoring to continue. Can Dak Prescott rebound against the Browns and the Saints get back on track against the Lions. Click here to find out!

So far I'm 22-10 when it comes to my picks this year. There are some phenomenal matchups this week. Ravens vs Chiefs, Saints vs Packers, Cowboys vs Seahawks. Click here for my week 3 NFL preview!

Week 2 of the NFL is in the books. What two 2-0 teams are giving me pretender vibes? Which quarterback has proven me wrong? Click here for my thoughts on Week 2!

Can Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes be stars once again? Who will win the first ever game in Las Vegas? Can the Chargers upset the Chiefs in their first home game at SoFi Stadium? Click here to find out!

Everybody loves to jump to conclusions after one week of play. These are my takeaways, not my assumptions. Click here for my thoughts after week one.

Week one is here! Click here to find out my predictions for the opening week of the NFL season.

Who will be the 2020 NFL MVP and who is going to win rookie of the year? Click here to find out!

Which second year players will step up in a big way? Which rookie receiver will have a huge first season? Who will win defensive player of the year? Click here to read my bold predictions for the 2020 season!

The NFC is stacked this year. From the addition of Tom Brady to Deandre Hopkins, it seems like every team got better. Click here to see my predictions for how the season ends up!

There will be football in just over 24 hours and I expect there to be fireworks. Here are my predictions for the AFC in 2020.

I often get asked, "what sports shows do you watch?" Here are my 6 favorite shows to watch!

2020 is a make or break year for these five quarterbacks. Click here to find out who?

Will there be a team that's able to take down the 49ers this year in the NFC West? Click here to find out!

The AFC West is stacked? Could this be one of the divisions that has three playoff teams? Click here to find out!

Who is going to have a better season Tom Brady or Drew Brees? Only one of the four teams will have a record under 8-8, which one is it? Click here to find out!

Who's winning the AFC South this year? Deshaun Watson? Derrick Henry? Phillip Rivers? or will it be a sleeper in Gardner Minshew? Click here to find out!

Which team in this division has my pick for offensive rookie of the year? Which team could be a sneaky playoff contender? Click here to find out!

Will Lamar Jackson do it again and win MVP? Who is winning defensive rookie of the year? Can the Browns put it all together? Click here to find out!

How will America's Team do under Mike McCarthy? Which team will win the NFC East? Click here to find out!

Who's going to win the AFC East? How will the Patriots do this season? Click here for the entire AFC East Preview!

Which young receivers are going to have the best rookie seasons? Click here to find out!

Who will be the top 15 wide receivers in the NFL? What year 2 receiver makes the top 5? Which surprise rookie makes the list? Find out here!

Which defensive stars are quietly in the running for the defensive player of the year award? Click here to find out!

Which players coming back from suspension, injury, or retirement are most likely to comeback and have an amazing season in 2020? Click here to find out!

Which young, defensive players will help completely transform their defense into top ten in the league? Who will be the next Nick Bosa or Stephon Gilmore? Click here to find out!

Where will Cam sign? What happens with Jamal Adams? Will Dak and the Cowboys reach an agreement? Click here for my answers for the biggest remaining answers in the NFL offseason!

Who is the Steph Curry and Lebron James of the NFL, click here to see my comparison between my two favorite sports!

What teams that finished last in their division in 2019 have the potential to actually win their division in 2020? Click here for the 3 that I think have the potential!

Who will be the next breakout NFL star of 2020? Find out here!

The NFL has changed a lot since last season, here are my record predictions for each team before the draft.

The two biggest takeaways of mine from the 2020 season.

It's a culmination of the 100th season in football history. I truly believe this is capable of being the greatest super bowl ever. The 49ers vs Chiefs, click here to see my complete breakdown of what's to come for this game!

And then there were 4... Click here to see my thoughts and predictions for this game and how each team should attack one another.

January 11, 2020

This is, in my opinion, the greatest weekend of the sport. The 8 best teams going head to head! Click here to find out my game breakdowns and predictions!

Here is my complete playoff bracket for the 2020 NFL Season, one day before the playoffs start!

With the NFL Regular season game coming to an end, it's now time for playoffs. Here are my complete game breakdowns for Bills vs Texans, Titans vs Patriots, Vikings vs Saints, and Seahawks vs Eagles. 

As we get closer and closer to the end of the regular season and we get ready for January football, it is time for the last regular season predictions. Here is how I see this week going!

There are a few players who have showed significant promise and don't have quite the national attention right now, but are truly on the verge of being all pros. These are all young players that might be the future of the NFL.

With the 2019 season wrapping up, there are some coaches who are in the hot seat. Here I break down every coach who won't be back with their squad next season and who there replacements could be.

Week 11 is here and it's time for game predictions click here to see who I have winning!

Everything you need to know going into week 6 of the NFL Season. Predictions, previews, and analysis! Check it out!

Week 5 is approaching and it's time for some bold predictions! Click here to see my bold predictions for week 5!

Week 4 is about to kick off and this is what you have to look for in every game!

Week two is ten minutes away and here are my bold predictions for this week!

Week one of the NFL season was awesome, the league is a lot different than it was last year. These are my biggest takeaways from each game.

Before the season starts you know I have to predict all the awards. Who wins MVP? DPOY? CPOY? Click here to find out!

It's time for football, and that means it's time to get bold. Here are my 6 bold predictions for this entire season.

The NFC is going to be completely different this year and here are my predictions for how I think it's going to go.

The season is coming in hot and here are my record predictions for each team in the AFC.

Some players in the NFL look like they were made in a lab. They are so genetically gifted they cause their opponents to have nightmares. Here are my top 5 most athletic players in the NFL!

When it comes to this list I thought, which players have the potential to be the best ever at their position. So this list is generated of players who are relatively young and have the majority of their career ahead of them. Click here to find out!

As we approach the end of the 2018 regular season, it's time to predict who will be putting what on their resumes. Will Andrew Luck be putting Comeback Player of the year on his resume or will JJ Watt swat that effort? These are the questions that I have the answers to in this article!

5 Bold Predictions for the 2018 Season

September 07, 2018

It's time for 2018 and here are 5 bold predictions to get it started!

This description isn't for the players who are going to have nice years or are entering their prime. This is the article for players who are going to be the next Antonio Browns or JJ Watts. These are the players who are going to make your jaw drop week after week. These are the jerseys you are buying.

For my english final, I had to write about a book we read called The Odyssey. I chose to write about the seven characteristics of an epic hero and why Shaquem Griffin fits the role. I wrote why Griffin is similar to Odysseus and why he's an epic hero! Check it out!

Michael Gallup was one of the top receivers in this draft and I'll tell you why he is going to be the next great Cowboys receiver

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