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Which defensive stars are quietly in the running for the defensive player of the year award? Click here to find out!

Which players coming back from suspension, injury, or retirement are most likely to comeback and have an amazing season in 2020? Click here to find out!

Which young, defensive players will help completely transform their defense into top ten in the league? Who will be the next Nick Bosa or Stephon Gilmore? Click here to find out!

Where will Cam sign? What happens with Jamal Adams? Will Dak and the Cowboys reach an agreement? Click here for my answers for the biggest remaining answers in the NFL offseason!

Who is the Steph Curry and Lebron James of the NFL, click here to see my comparison between my two favorite sports!

What teams that finished last in their division in 2019 have the potential to actually win their division in 2020? Click here for the 3 that I think have the potential!

Who will be the next breakout NFL star of 2020? Find out here!

The NFL has changed a lot since last season, here are my record predictions for each team before the draft.

The two biggest takeaways of mine from the 2020 season.

It's a culmination of the 100th season in football history. I truly believe this is capable of being the greatest super bowl ever. The 49ers vs Chiefs, click here to see my complete breakdown of what's to come for this game!

And then there were 4... Click here to see my thoughts and predictions for this game and how each team should attack one another.

January 11, 2020

This is, in my opinion, the greatest weekend of the sport. The 8 best teams going head to head! Click here to find out my game breakdowns and predictions!

Here is my complete playoff bracket for the 2020 NFL Season, one day before the playoffs start!

With the NFL Regular season game coming to an end, it's now time for playoffs. Here are my complete game breakdowns for Bills vs Texans, Titans vs Patriots, Vikings vs Saints, and Seahawks vs Eagles. 

As we get closer and closer to the end of the regular season and we get ready for January football, it is time for the last regular season predictions. Here is how I see this week going!

There are a few players who have showed significant promise and don't have quite the national attention right now, but are truly on the verge of being all pros. These are all young players that might be the future of the NFL.

With the 2019 season wrapping up, there are some coaches who are in the hot seat. Here I break down every coach who won't be back with their squad next season and who there replacements could be.

Week 11 is here and it's time for game predictions click here to see who I have winning!

Everything you need to know going into week 6 of the NFL Season. Predictions, previews, and analysis! Check it out!

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Week 4 is about to kick off and this is what you have to look for in every game!

Week two is ten minutes away and here are my bold predictions for this week!

Week one of the NFL season was awesome, the league is a lot different than it was last year. These are my biggest takeaways from each game.

Before the season starts you know I have to predict all the awards. Who wins MVP? DPOY? CPOY? Click here to find out!

It's time for football, and that means it's time to get bold. Here are my 6 bold predictions for this entire season.

The NFC is going to be completely different this year and here are my predictions for how I think it's going to go.

The season is coming in hot and here are my record predictions for each team in the AFC.

Some players in the NFL look like they were made in a lab. They are so genetically gifted they cause their opponents to have nightmares. Here are my top 5 most athletic players in the NFL!

When it comes to this list I thought, which players have the potential to be the best ever at their position. So this list is generated of players who are relatively young and have the majority of their career ahead of them. Click here to find out!

As we approach the end of the 2018 regular season, it's time to predict who will be putting what on their resumes. Will Andrew Luck be putting Comeback Player of the year on his resume or will JJ Watt swat that effort? These are the questions that I have the answers to in this article!

As we are approaching the Playoffs, there are some teams with either questionable futures or unthinkable futures. In this article I predict how the AFC is going to look next season!

As we are approaching the Playoffs, there are some teams with either questionable futures or unthinkable futures. In this article I predict how the NFC is going to look next season!

5 Bold Predictions for the 2018 Season

September 07, 2018

It's time for 2018 and here are 5 bold predictions to get it started!

This description isn't for the players who are going to have nice years or are entering their prime. This is the article for players who are going to be the next Antonio Browns or JJ Watts. These are the players who are going to make your jaw drop week after week. These are the jerseys you are buying.

For my english final, I had to write about a book we read called The Odyssey. I chose to write about the seven characteristics of an epic hero and why Shaquem Griffin fits the role. I wrote why Griffin is similar to Odysseus and why he's an epic hero! Check it out!