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Amari Rodgers Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Amari Rodgers might be the most underrated receiver in the NFL Draft this year. He’s a player that won’t get picked in the first round, but his value will end up being first round material. He is a pure football player that can do anything you ask of him. He is extremely versatile and fits perfectly in a Kyle Shanahan west coast scheme. Rodgers was Trevor Lawrence’s number one target in his final year at Clemson and he dominated in the senior bowl. Amari Rodgers could be the biggest steal on day two. 


Playing at Clemson, Rodgers has been able to learn from elite talent such as Tee Higgins, Hunter Renfrow, and Justyn Ross. Rodgers will make his living in the slot, but can also be utilized in the backfield and on special teams. After the catch, Rodgers may be the best receiver in the draft. Strength and speed both stick out like a sore thumb when watching Rodgers play, which is why he is so effective with the ball in his hands. This is also a big reason why I think he’d fit perfectly into a Deebo Samuel type role with whatever team he gets drafted by. Rodgers can win on all three facets of the passing game, especially on shorter routes. His hands are extremely soft and he rarely drops passes. Even if the ball is thrown poorly, there is always a chance that Rodgers can adjust to it. Despite being a smaller player, he has a larger catch radius. Overall, Rodgers could end up being the best receiver in this class. 


Rodgers is such a well rounded player, there aren’t many areas of weakness in his game. Places where he can improve are at the top of his route and releases at the line. His smaller size can result into him getting pressed up pretty bad against more physical defensive backs. I’d also like to see him develop his game on the outside, he was used a lot on the outside his freshman year, but transitioned more so into a slot guy. I’m very confident that Amari Rodgers will transition smoothly into the National Football League.


As of now, I have Rodgers projected as a top five receiver in this draft, however it is looking as if he will fall into the third round. I am a lot higher on Rodgers than the national media and I have him graded as a guy who should go within the first ten picks of the second round. As a receiver, Rodgers reminds me a lot of Randall Cobb. He is a player that can get separation on all three levels and is dominant after the catch. Similar to Cobb, Amari Rodgers is versatile. The Jets should draft him with the second pick in the third round and have him join Corey Davis and Denzel Mims. I’d also love to see Rodgers become the number three receiver for the Chargers and be Justin Herbert’s safety blanket. In Green Bay, he could be picked at the bottom of the second round and be the second A. Rodgers on that team. I don’t see the 49ers using an early pick on a receiver, but holy cow would that be fun to watch. Amari Rodgers is going to be a stud in the NFL.

Amari Rodgers
Amari Rodgers
Film Study

Seperation 7.5/10

Route Running 7.5/10

Yards After Catch 9.5/10

Speed 6.75/8

Contested Grabs 6.75/8

Releases/ Top of Route 5.25/8

Catch Radius 6.75/8

Versatility 4.5/5

Overall: 54.5/67

Final Rating: 81


Pro Comparison: Randall Cobb

Team Fits: Jets, Chargers, 49ers, Packers

Draft Ranking: Top 50 Player

Draft Projection: Early Third Round Pick

Amari Rodgers
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