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Will Grier Draft Profile

Grading Scale

Accuracy: 3.5/5

In the pocket: 2.95/5

Outside the Pocket: 3.25/5

Against Blitz: 1/5

Progressions: 4/5

Throw on the Run: 3/5

Improvisational Skills: 2.95/5

Mobility: 3/5

Awareness/ Internal Clock: 1/5

Red Zone: 1.5/5

Decision Making: 2/5

Team Presence: 3.75/5

Gut Feeling: 2.5/5

Overall: 2.65/5

Scouting Report
Will Grier.jpg

If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t totally impressed by Will Grier’s quarterback tape. I think he makes a lot of ill-advised decisions to go along with difficulties against pressure. When being rushed, he would either hold onto the ball for too long or hang one in the air that’s just waiting to get picked. I saw him throw two red zone interceptions on back to back drives versus Kansas and you can see that he lacks awareness. One thing he’s missing is an internal clock, he isn't aware of backside pressure and needs to get the ball out of his hands. He holds onto the ball for way too long which leads to him getting hit from behind. I wasn’t a fan of his decision making either, he threw a lot of interceptions and doesn’t always keep his eyes down field. Now lets talk about his positives, he doesn’t stick to one target; I like how his eyes bounce from target to target instead of just locking in on one. A lot of college quarterbacks struggle with that, so in that case he is ahead of the game. He has solid mobility and can take off if he needs to. He has great short and mid range accuracy and has enough arm strength to make every throw. Another thing I was impressed by, was his ability to throw rolling to his left, a lot of young quarterbacks can only throw to their right, but Grier can sling it anywhere. This could be very useful in the RPO game. Once he gets his chance, his offense should revolve around the RPO's and getting the ball out of his hands fast. The biggest thing I worry about are his decisions on off script plays. If it’s throwing across his body or slinging it into double coverage, Grier doesn’t make the greatest choices and I think that is going to kill him once he makes it into the league. Ideally, I hope Grier ends up getting drafted to a playoff team, one where he could learn from a veteran quarterback and fix his mistakes. Grier is clutch and his team loves him, I think he will be a good locker room player and end up having a solid career as a backup quarterback in the NFL.

Biggest Strengths: Short Accuracy and Progressions

Biggest Weaknesses: Internal Clock and Against Pressure

Will Grier .jpg
Will Grier.jpg
Pro Comparison: Case Keenum

My NFL Comparison for Will Grier is Case Keenum. Similar to Keenum, Grier is better when he doesn’t have to think about his throws and can just let loose. Grier is extremely accurate in the short game and they both succeed in an RPO styled system. Neither have perfect size, Keenum is 6’1 and Grier is 6’2, but it doesn't have a huge affect on how they play. Both of them struggle under pressure and they tend to make bad decisions on off-script plays. Keenum needed time to develop in the NFL and there is still room for improvement, and I think Grier is in a similar situation. Grier will need to develop in the NFL and the best thing for him in his rookie year would have to be letting him sit behind a veteran quarterback.

Case Keenum.jpg
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