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Quarterbacks with the Most Pressure in 2021

Jimmy Garoppolo QB 49ers

There was no surprise when it came to what position the 49ers were drafting at number three. Jimmy Garoppolo is a baller, no question. When he's in, the 49ers win and he was one throw away from being the Super Bowl MVP two years ago. With that being said, the best ability is availability. Garoppolo hasn't proven that he's been able to stay healthy. Trey Lance is a stud and he's going to make Garoppolo prove that he deserves to be the 49ers starter. If Garoppolo doesn't play to Kyle Shanahan's expectations, he won't be on the field. Shanahan isn't scared to bench players and will do whatever he thinks is best for the team. Pressure can bust pipes, but it can also form diamonds. I think Garoppolo is a gamer and I expect him to have one of the best seasons of his career. 

Cam Newton QB Patriots

I love Cam Newton. He is one of my favorite players in the NFL and he has one of my favorite personalities in the game. However, Newton has really struggled over the past three seasons. Starting off the season hot, Newton looked like a top five quarterback. After he was hit with COVID, he was never able to really bounce back. His timing was all out of wack and he went back to throwing ground balls. With the Patriots drafting Mac Jones in the first round, I expect that fire to burn hotter in Cam than ever before. The league is better when Newton is balling. I think he's a better quarterback than Mac Jones, but he needs to prove it. This will be a defining season for Newton, but if he doesn't perform to Bill Belichick's standard then his days as a starter could be over. 

Cam Newton.jpg
Matt Ryan QB Falcons

Kyle Pitts, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Hayden Hurst... those are Matt Ryan's weapons this year. Arthur Smith is his head coach and he's a guy who I believe has a top 10 offensive mind in the NFL. I know he might not have a top 10 running back or offensive line, but this offense is too explosive for him to not have a top 10 quarterback season. The Falcons have a lot of holes on defense, so I expect them to be similar to the Nets. A high scoring offense that is going to make you outscore them. This offense should consistently be applying pressure. The Falcons need to be a top ten scoring offense or Matt Ryan could be on his way out of Atlanta.

Matt Ryan.jpg
Derek Carr QB Raiders

Similar to the Cowboys and Steelers, the Raiders are a team that are constantly put on a pedestal. Part of it has to do with their fanbase, another part is their location, and the fact that they haven't won a playoff game in what feels like forever. Derek Carr has led the Raiders to the playoffs just one time in his career. While I do believe Carr is extremely intelligent and a great leader, it hasn't led to winning. I know there are a handful of outside factors, but when you're the quarterback you need to take responsibility. If it's Aaron Rodgers, Marcus Mariota, or rookie quarterbacks, Jon Gruden is constantly looking to improve the quarterback position. Derek Carr is coming off his best season, but it wasn't good enough to lead his team to the playoffs. It's time for Carr to take that step up or he might be stepping out. 

Derek Carr.jpg
Daniel Jones QB Giants

With Justin Herbert, Kyler Murray, and Josh Allen coming into the NFL the past three seasons, the leash for young quarterbacks has gotten much smaller. If you haven't proven that you can be one of those elite quarterbacks, you'll end up on the bench. Jones hasn't proven that he can be "that guy" and needs to in year three. With an up and coming offensive line, Saquon Barkley, Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, and a top ten defense, there is no excuses for Daniel Jones. Assuming everyone stays healthy, the Giants should be a playoff team. The only reason they wouldn't be is Daniel Jones. I think Jones is a talented player, but he is in a prove it year.

Daniel Jones
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