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Tua Tagovailoa Draft Profile

Draft Profile

Tua Tagovailoa is one of the most impressive quarterbacks I’ve seen on tape in the past handful of years. Tua is one of the most accurate college football quarterbacks I’ve ever seen and is also one of the best decision makers I’ve ever seen. He’s a winner, he can scramble, and is amazing with his eyes. His eyes and feet work together and he is amazing at looking off defenders to create gaps in defenses. The big question mark with Tua is his injury history. Even though he played through some of his injuries, he still takes a lot of shots. Tua suffered a dislocated hip, one of the most gruesome injuries in football, and won’t be able to participate until April. That being said, Tua is extremely tough and can make a ton of throws with defenders all over him. If you really want to nit-pick his game, he has one of the best receiving cores in CFB history and has arguably the greatest coach in CFB history. Every now and then he’ll mess up a deep ball, but other than that he’s amazing. He’s really good at timing throws, he’s mobile, and a winner. Tua has great humility, I’ve seen him interviewed a ton of times and he’s extremely humble. Also on all the interceptions I saw him throw, they always show him on the sideline apologizing to his receivers. Tua is great with run pass options and he has an extremely high football IQ. Tua is great outside the pocket, but I think he’s even better inside. He’s great at stepping up and just overall has great pocket mobility. Tua throws with a lot of velocity and he makes a lot of game changing throws. I compare Tua to Dak Prescott due to his accuracy, mobility, and play maker ability. I believe Tua has a better internal clock and is really good at getting the ball out fast. I want to see Tua in an offense with a really good offensive line and that gets the ball out fast. Tua has all the potential, but it really depends on his health.


Where He Should Go: Top 5 Pick

Where He Will Go: Top 5 Pick

Ideal Situation: The one biggest question mark with Tua Tagovailoa is his health. That being said I think it's important that he ends up on a team with an offensive line that's already been solidified. At Alabama, their offense is predicated around pre-snap motion and movement. I'd like to see Tua with a coordinator who is progressive and versatile. Tua is a great decision maker and does a nice job snapping his head throughout his reads. The Chargers would be a perfect fit for him. He's got weapons on the outside, a running back who can catch the ball out of the back field, and a tight end who is great with the seam ball. Tua is so smart, he could be extremely successful in an offense that will keep him protected.

Team Fits: Chargers, Bengals, Bears

Most Likely to be selected by: The Dolphins

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