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Treylon Burks Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Every offensive mind is looking for a freak talent that they can mold. Treylon Burks is a “do-everything” type of playmaker that is extremely fun to watch. The way he plays gets people sitting on the edge of their seats and energizes the fans. He is an absolute monster on the football field and plays faster than he tested. I remember when Burks was a four-star in high school and when he decided to stay local and commit to Arkansas. Burks helped bring Arkansas football back to relevancy and is their most high profiled draft prospect since the Darren McFadden, Felix Jones days. When facing the big schools like Alabama, Auburn, and Texas A&M, Burks put on an absolute show. Every team is looking for the “next Deebo Samuel”, and while I would not compare him to Samuel, I would say that both players play with similar mentalities. If he is drafted into the right situation, he will be a superstar in the NFL.


The 49ers’ offense and team philosophy is what every young coach is trying to replicate. Offensively, they draft skill players that do not play around laterally and get upfield. Once the ball is in Burks’ hands, he sticks one foot into the ground and turns upfield. His game speed does not reflect what he ran at the combine, on the field he looks much faster than any defender trying to tackle him. Burks is physical with the ball in his hands, and before the ball is in his hands. He uses his strength to gain separation and his hands at the top of his routes to slap away defenders. When the ball is in the air, Burks is fearless. There is no fear in Burks’ eyes when a defender is running full speed into him. The combination of Burks’ fearless mentality and elite concentration results in him rarely dropping passes. Burks uses all of his 6’2 frame when the ball is thrown his way; he has an elite catch radius that will make him his quarterback’s best friend. Burks is versatile; he can take a handoff 80 yards to the house and he can also be a lead blocker. Burks loves to impose his will on defensive backs as a blocker in the run game which coaches will absolutely love about him. Treylon Burks is an elite prospect and while I am not sure if his impact will be immediate, I do believe he will develop into one of the league’s best playmakers.


Treylon Burks’ biggest concerns are in regards to how he has tested in the pre-draft process. At the combine, Burks ran a 4.55-second 40-yard dash and 7.28 second 3 cone-drill; much slower than what he looked like on tape. Luckily for Burks, his tape speaks for himself; he is much faster on film and does not have any issues coming in and out of breaks. His 33” vertical was also concerning, but Burks showed that he was able to go up and get balls when they were in the air at Arkansas. Burks is not one of those twitchy guys who will post a million workout videos, but he is exactly what a team will want out of their number one receivers. I could see Burks needing some time to develop once he gets into the league, but once he finds his role stardom could be coming his way.


Burks is such a unique wide receiver prospect that could play in any era. He is a 6’2 superhuman that can play any position on the football field. It was quite apparent that he was a three-sport athlete in high school when watching him play football at Arkansas. He reminds me of another multi-sport receiver that uses his physicality before the catch and burst after the catch named AJ Brown. Come draft day, I see Burks being a top 20 pick; the Eagles hold the 15th, 16th, and 19th pick in this year’s draft. I believe he would pair perfectly with Devonta Smith in Nick Sirianni’s offense. If the Jaguars were to trade back in the draft, Burks would have the chance to be the number one receiver in Jacksonville or if the Commanders want to pair Terry McLaurin up with somebody, Burks could be that guy. Treylon Burks is a boom-or-bust prospect, but if he lands in the right system he can be one of the league’s biggest playmakers.

Treylon Burks
Treylon Burks
Film Study

Ability to Separate: 8/10

Release/Top of Routes: 6.5/8

YAC: 8/8

Route Running: 6.5/8

Contested Catch: 7.75/8

Hands + Catch Radius: 8/8

Speed + Control: 5.25/7

Physicality: 6.75/7

Natural Talent: 5/5

Versatility: 5/5

Overall:  66.75/74

Final Rating: 90


Pro Comparison: AJ Brown

Team Fits: Eagles, Falcons, Packers

Draft Grade: Top 20 Player

Draft Projection: Picks 11-21

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