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Travon Walker Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Every year the NFL falls in love with workout warriors; these are draft prospects who look like superheroes and put up freakish numbers during their testing at the NFL Scouting combine. This year, one of the biggest workout warriors is Georgia defensive lineman, Travon Walker. Walker has gained more steam than any draft prospect in this year’s draft— his projection has skyrocketed from a mid-first round pick to now in contention to go first overall. Standing at 6’5, Walker is 270 lbs. and runs a 4.51 40-yard dash. If we are sticking with superhero comparisons, Walker is built like the Hulk and runs like the flash. The Georgia native was able to win the National Championship for his childhood team and now has the chance to be the first overall pick.


One thing that general managers and coaches will love about Walker is that he has that inner dog in him. He plays as hard as he hits— I wouldn’t want to be going up against him. Walker has a high motor and does not give up on plays. He gets off the ball fast and is explosive when he has an open path to the quarterback. In a similar light to a safety, Walker has range; he is willing to go sideline-to-sideline in order to make a play. As a pass rusher, Walker is best lined up as a five-technique in a four-point stance. He is willing to get dirty and slide inside, but he can also drop into coverage. His position versatility is enticing, but I think he’d fit best as a 3-4 defensive end. His best pass-rush is his bull-rush because he is just stronger than everybody else. As a rusher, Walker is still very raw— there were a few plays where he’d use hand moves like rips and swims, but he has a long way to go. On those few reps where Walker used his hands, he was virtually unstoppable. The reason Walker has a chance to go first overall is not because of what he did at the University of Georgia, but because of what he is capable of doing in the NFL.


While Walker’s potential can get you excited, I don’t think he is worthy of being the first overall pick. He does not stand out on tape and against Alabama in the SEC championship game, he was completely neutralized by Alabama OT Evan Neal. On top of that, I have seen plays where Walker gets driven back by opposing tight ends. He is still very raw and a player that will develop, but he won’t be ready from day one. He also played in one of the best defenses in college football history; he was alongside Jordan Davis, Nakobe Dean, Quay Walker, and the list goes on. Offensive coordinators could not double him on every play and he still only finished with 9.5 sacks in his three seasons at Georgia. Walker has the physical tools and the heart to be a special player, but he does not have the technique just yet.


Walker has all of the tools in the toolbox to be an elite run defender and a force as a pass rusher; he just needs to land in the right system. While I don’t believe he is worthy of being the first overall pick, I actually think he is a better fit for the Jaguars than Aidan Hutchinson. I could also see the Seahawks and Lions being good fits for Walker. Realistically, Walker is going to go in the top five, but I have a mid to late first-round grade on him. He reminds me of a bigger Trey Flowers— a guy whose statistics won’t pop off the screen, but the impact doesn’t go unnoticed. While I think Walker’s potential is exciting, I believe he is a little overhyped.

Travon Walker
Travon Walker
Travon Walker
Film Study

Strength + Power: 7.5/8

Speed: 6.5/8

Hands: 6/8

Athleticism: 7/7

Bend + Flexibility: 5/7

Run Defender: 6/7

Motor + Adaptability: 7/7

Quickness: 4/6

Pass Rush Moves: 4.25/6

Get Off: 5/6

Overall: 58.25/70

Final Rating: 83


Pro Comparison: Trey Flowers

Team Fits: Jaguars, Lions, Seahawks

Draft Ranking: First Round Prospect

Draft Projection: Top 5 Pick

Travon Walker
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