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Top Waiver-Wire Pickups of 2017

*As of Week 11
Alvin Kamara RB Saints

Stuck in a committee, 3rd string, Drew Brees at quarterback, Alvin Kamara had basically no fantasy value coming into the season. After the trade of Adrian Peterson, the Saints exploded... and so did Kamara. Him and Ingram have combined for a two-headed monster nobody wants to face. Since week 3 Kamara has been unstoppable, averaging over 15 points per game. Coming into the season, nobody would guess the Saints are a team based off the run. That is exactly what they are. The Saints may be the most balanced team in the NFL thanks to this guy... He was a gem for the Saints and your fantasy team!

JuJu Smith-Schuster WR Steelers

Behind the best receiver in football (AB), the WR fresh off a suspension (Martavis Bryant), an aging quarterback (Ben Roethlisberger), and with the best running back in the NFL (Le'Veon Bell) you can't expect JuJu Smith to have much production as a rookie. That's exactly not what has happened for JuJu this year. In the last 5 games he has 2 touchdowns and is drawing away double teams from Antonio Brown. JuJu might have been the extra punch the Steelers need to get that ring. JuJu has caught a touchdown in 3 of his last 5 games and probably the best celebration game in the NFL. I'd expect for him to be in the double-digits for the touchdown category by the end of the season 

Jared Goff QB Rams

After a very rough rookie season, all the pressure was on the number one overall pick. With a new head coach and offensive line, nobody knew quite what to expect... he got exactly what he needed to be great. Sean McVay, who is in my opinion the clear-cut coach of the year, is bringing the best out of his quarterback and this whole entire offense. Goff is showing us what all the scouts saw in him just a year ago. He is making plays with Robert Woods as his number 1 wide receiver, this Rams offense might be the most balanced offense in the NFC West.

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