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Who will be the Top 5 Linebackers in 2021?

5. Roquan Smith LB Bears

The game has changed, the linebacker position is no longer led by big hitting, neck roll wearing, slow footed linebackers. Now-a-days, it's all about being able to cover sideline to sideline, being cerebral enough to anticipate an offensive play call, and diagnosing which lanes in the offensive line to pursue. Roquan Smith had a break out season for the Bears in 2020 and I expect him to follow it up with another pro bowl caliber season. Smith might be the best run defending linebacker in the NFL and he shoots gaps like no other. Smith rarely misses tackles and is elite when it comes to making stops behind the line of scrimmage. Smith is slowly taking over as the leader of the Bears defense from Khalil Mack and this season he will cement his leadership. 

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