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What the NFC Will Look Like in 2019


Let's start with the East. The east has disappointed so far this year, but the Eagles are getting really hot, really fast. I am 100% sure that Carson Wentz is their franchise quarterback, but I can't deny what Nick Foles is doing. Wentz wasn't healthy this year, but when he is he's got potential to be the best quarterback in all of football. Foles has a magic around him and he is meant for Philly. He is one of the greatest athletes when it comes to winter time in Pennsylvania. When Foles is in the lineup, his teammates play better; and that's a sign of a great quarterback. I don't know what Foles is going to do after the season is over, but I think the Eagles are just going to try and get their backfield healthy. I like Adams' game and you have to love what Sproles is doing. It would be huge if Ajayi returns to how he played in 2017 and they can get Clement catching passes. It is also vital that they get healthy in the secondary and some new DB's. These are the two weaknesses of Philadelphia, but they are heating up right now as we approach the new year. Now let's head down to America's Team. Their season got turned around as soon as they acquired Amari Cooper. Cooper is electric and stops teams from stacking the box against Ezekiel Elliott. Zeke is going to continue to do his thing and Dak started heating up once he started to use his legs. I wouldn't say Prescott is an elite quarterback, but he's been doing a nice job since the addition of Cooper. I hope Prescott can start pushing the ball down field a little more and air the ball out. The Cowboys defense has been lights out and I expect Demarcus Lawrence to get PAID this year. The Cowboys have a lot of good things to look forward to in 2019 and I think next year they can be in super bowl contention. In New York, it's time for the Giants to move on from Eli Manning and everyone knows it. The Giants have the same narrative every year, so much talent but they miss the playoffs. I think the Giants should go after either Joe Flacco or Teddy Bridgewater and then pick up some offensive line help. Jonah Williams is a phenomenal lineman for Alabama. I think the Giants are going to be excited with the tandem of Barkley and Beckam, but they have areas where they need to see improvement. Finally, the Redskins. Redskins fans need to be excited for DERRIUS GUICE!!! He is going to be a beast next season and I think he is a future all pro back. I think Washington should go after a young quarterback after Alex Smith's scary injury. I think they will be looking at Daniel Jones, Dwayne Haskins, and Will Grier. It is a time for change in DC. It wouldn't hurt to get some more veteran corners to go along with a rookie running back. 


There might be more talent in the NFC North then any other division. The Bears are having a great season. I think Trubisky needs to develop a little more. He has shown that he can be a franchise quarterback, but there are definitely areas where he can imrove. I think this team is built for the future and with Khalil Mack, Tarik Cohen, and Jordan Howard they have a lot of potential. With a creative offensive play caller, this team is the NFL's future. I think the Bears are one of the best teams in the NFL, and I expect them to build off the momentum this year into next season. Now let's head out to Green Bay. I was expecting more from them if I'm going to be honest. I am interested who they are going to bring in at head coach. I think they should go towards a defensive minded coach because Aaron Rodgers is going to be Aaron Rodgers. It's hard to coach Rodgers because he is so good when the play breaks down. Rodgers is going to what he wants, and I'm confident that he'll be fine. The Packers have great pieces to go along with Rodgers; Adams a top 5 receiver, Jones and Williams a dynamic running back duo, and some impressive young receivers. They have something to look forward to for next year. In the draft I think they will focus on offensive line and look to add onto their defense. Now let's head up to Minnesota. The Vikings also haven't done as well as I thought they would. Kirk Cousins proved struggles with primetime games and Thielen's game has dropped off since the first half of the season. After the firing of John DeFillipo, the run game has started to escalate. I think next year the Vikings will utilize the run game and use Diggs more often. The Vikings have had an off year and I think they should be able to bounce back next season due to all of their talent. Next is Detroit, I don't know what it is going on there. I like Patricia at head coach and I don't mind Stafford at quarterback. It's time to get rid of Cooter and get a new offensive playcaller to use Johnson. I think Kerryon is the future of the backfield in Detroit and Golladay has number one receiver potential. I don't know what it is, but the Lions need a change of culture in Detroit. The Lions should also focus on getting an other speedy receiver to replace Golden Tate. The Lions have some work to do, but they have a good quarterback and have some pieces for the future.


If we head down to the NFC South, we see a division ruled by the New Orleans Saints. They are easily the best team in that division and favorites to win the super bowl this year. They have a complete team but have some questions for free agency. I am curious what they do with Mark Ingram, I would resign him and keep their dynamic tandem. The Saints have a lot going for themselves and will be right back in the super bowl discussion next season. If we go to Carolina, there season next year depends on the health of Cam Newton. It was ugly watching him throw the football and it was obvious that he had problems with his shoulder. Christian McCaffrey balled out this year and they now have an all pro back they can lean on. I think their young receivers developed throughout the season and Norv Turner came up with creative ways to get the ball in their playmakers' hands. In the draft the Panthers should go after new db's. Eric Reid had a good season and James Bradberry isn't that bad. Besides those two, they need some help for sure. For the Falcons, the focus is Defense Defense Defense. The offense is there, but they need help stopping the opposing teams offense. Vic Beasley hasn't been as productive as he's been and Deion Jones is just coming off injury. I think they will get another CB to go along with Desmond Trufant. The Falcons need defensive help and I expect them to do that throughout the offseason. Finally it's time to move on in Tampa Bay. Jamies has too many problems both on the field and off the field. He holds on to the ball for too long and seems to be getting benched once a month. Koetter hasn't done what he's expected to and their young players haven't played as well as we thought they would. I expect the Buccaneers to use Ronald Jones more next season and go after an experienced head coach like Mike McCarthy. I think they could go after Herbert if he declares or Grier pending their draft pick. The Bucs need a big change, but I think if they follow this plan they will be going towards the right direction.


Last, but not least is the NFC West. We are going to start with the Rams, one of the best teams in the NFL. One thing I'm worried about, is that they are tending to get away from the run game. I think this offseason they are going to focus on depth. They need help on the offensive line and in the secondary. The Rams aren't perfect, but they are a darn good team. I think if they want to win the super bowl they need to lean on the run game and let Todd Gurley do his thing. Jared Goff is a great quarterback, but Todd Gurley is a big reason why. McVay is amazing and with Jared Goff at quarterback, Todd Gurley at running back, and Aaron Donald leading your defense; this team is a super bowl team. Aaron Donald is the best player in football and I think he has been more consistent than any other player; he needs to be in the MVP Conversation. Next let's head out to the North West. The Seahawks are one of the most consistent teams in the NFL. Once they got their run game going is when they began to make their playoff push. Russell Wilson is once again one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and deserves a ton of credit. This team has shocked the world after everyone thought it would be a rebuilding year. Chris Carson looks like and every-down back and Rashaad Penny is also a great back to have. Tyler Lockett is having a career year and Doug Baldwin is back to doing what he does best. The Seahawks are playing "Why Not Us?" football and look like the best team in the NFL. The Seahawks are not done yet and expect them to return to glory next season. Next let's head out to my team, the 49ers. This offseason is all about getting healthy; they are going to get Jimmy G, Jerick McKinnon, and all of their key players healthy. This team has a championship mentality and I think they are going to be one of the best teams in football next year. Kittle might be the best tight end in football, Buckner might be the second best DT in the NFC (Aaron Donald), and they have incredible quarterback depth. They also have a nice backfield going into next year with Wilson, Breida, McKinnon, and Mostert to go along with Kyle Juszczyk. The 49ers will also have a top 3 draft pick where they can get a pass rusher like Bosa, Burns, or Allen. I think they should also go after an other receiver to replace Garçon. I like Bourne, Pettis, Goodwin, and James, but they need another threat. They will also need an other line backer to join Fred Warner and Elijah Lee. Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch are building a championship team. The last team I want to talk about are the Arizona Cardinals. I can talk about everything that is bad, but I'm going to talk about the Silver Linings. You have one of the best running backs in the NFL, Josh Rosen has a year under his belt, Chandler Jones is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL, and you also have one of the best DB's in the NFL with Patrick Peterson. The Cardinals have a far way to go, but I think they could go after a new coach like Eric Bieniemy, Mike McCarthy, or any offensive minded head coach. Look up cardinals fans, it's the season of giving!

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