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Teams that should trade for Julio Jones


After the departure of Jonnu Smith and Corey Davis this offseason, the Titans are desperately missing receiving threats for Ryan Tannehill. I love AJ Brown, he is an absolute beast, but he would benefit a lot from having Julio Jones on the other side of him. I think any young receiver would. Tennessee waited until round four to address the receiver position by drafting Dez Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick has a really good opportunity to succeed in Tennessee, but Julio Jones is a can't miss player. He was also one of AJ Brown's biggest idols growing up so I don't expect any tension there. Jones would be able to mentor Brown and help him take his game to the next level. This would be a fantastic pairing in Nashville.


While the Eagles did just draft Devonta Smith in the first round this year and Jalen Reagor in the first round last year, imagine if they pulled off this trade. The Eagles have a buttload of picks in the draft next year and if they truly want to see Jalen Hurts succeed, this isn't a bad way to start. Jones could mentor both Smith and Reagor while being the number one receiver in Nick Sirianni's offense. The Eagles fanbase would explode if this trade happened and I'd love to see what Jones can do in this offense. This would flip the NFL upside down.

Devonta Smith

You want to know how to make Aaron Rodgers happy? Try trading for Julio Jones. An offense with #12 at quarterback, Julio Jones and Davante Adams out wide, and Aaron Jones in the backfield... that is the number one offense in the NFL. This is crazy to even think about. The Packers front office should be kissing Aaron Rodgers' ass right now. Find a way to make arguably the greatest player in your franchise's history happy. We can debate if Rodgers is the greatest Packer of all time another day, but you don't let a player like Rodgers leave. You do whatever it takes to keep him happy. Trading for Julio Jones would make Aaron Rodgers very, very happy. 

Aaron Rodgers
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