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Sports Shows/Podcasts That I Recommend

Bussin' With The Boys

Bussin' With The Boys is by far one of the funniest and most entertaining shows that I watch. The show is hosted by free agent linebacker Will Compton and Titans OT Taylor Lewan. They interview guests on a bus in Nashville and the show makes you feel like you're right there on the bus with them. The majority of their interviews are football players and they also interview a lot of musicians. My favorite stories they talk about are the conversations that go on in the locker room. My two favorite stories are about the nickname they gave Matt LaFleur (episode 52 with David Bakhtiari) and the way that Taylor Lewan talks smacks to his opponents that catches them off guard (episode 12 with Jalen Ramsey). The podcast comes out every Monday on the podcast app on your phone. I prefer to watch it on youtube because I'm a visual guy, the youtube show comes out on Tuesday at 3PM PT. The show is so funny and the first one I watched was where Mike Vrabel said he'd cut his "piece" off to win a super bowl. The three episodes I'd recommend are the ones with: Kyle Van Noy, Darren Waller, and Quenton Nelson. Overall this show gets me hyped up and both Will and Taylor fire me up. They make me want to run through a brick wall. Shoutout to the Boys!

The Lefkoe Show

The Lefkoe Show is the number one show that I watch during the season and Adam Lefkoe is my favorite sports analyst in the business. His show is a part of bleacher report and he puts out two or three episodes a week on bleacher report's facebook page. I've been watching since March of 2019 and the first episode I saw was with Davante Adams the wide receiver for the Packers. His interviews really feel like conversations on camera. Adam Lefkoe is a huge Eagles fan and interviews a wide range of people from football players to analysts to comedians. Overall, Adam Lefkoe is super a personable dude and the way that he talks about how he grew up reminds me a lot of myself as a die hard sports fan. He does a really good job at getting deep conversations with his guests and having them open up. I love his interviews a lot, but my favorite podcasts come during the season with Brian Westbrook and Warren Sharpe. He does a podcast with Westbrook in the beginning of the week talking about the games from the past weekend and what they think about the games that are coming the following weekend. With Warren Sharpe, it's all about analytics and betting. For all sports bettors, this is my number one recommended show, Lefkoe and Sharpe take deep dives into each game and it's just awesome. I have so many favorite podcasts, but if I had to pick three I'd recommend the ones with: Davante Adams, Johnathan Abram (especially the one before he got drafted), and his most recent one with Dan Soder. His fanbase is called the 33% and I'm in his ultimate fantasy league called the LFGL.

All the Smoke

For my basketball fans I highly recommend All the Smoke hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. I've been watching this show since February of 2020 and it's given me a better understanding of basketball and the culture that surrounds the sport. The show is a big advocate for letting NBA players smoke weed in the NBA. They primarily interview basketball players but they also have rappers and actors on the show. Stephen Jackson has been one of the biggest faces of the Black Lives Matter movement after the murder of his friend George Floyd. I watch their show on youtube and they do a really good job at conveying how the players view the game. The three podcasts that I recommend the most are with: Kobe Bryant, Jamie Foxx, and Paul Pierce. This is definitely my favorite basketball show out there. You can watch the show on Youtube.

Alex Rollins

Alex Rollins' youtube show does a really good job breaking down game film. Since I'm a 49ers fan, I really enjoyed his podcast last season because every week he'd either breakdown our film or our next opponents film. He uses football language that head coaches use and you can tell that he really understands the X's and O's of football. This offseason he's been able to breakdown film with both Allen Robinson and Zack Moss. He also has broken down film of draft prospects like Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa. Rollins has one of the most underrated channels on youtube and highly recommend you check it out for a better understanding of football.

Untold Stories

Untold Stories is a football show hosted by Master Tesfatsion of Bleacher Report. The show is exactly how it sounds, Master has conversations with mostly retired NFL players who tell stories that the public has never found out about. The show has a really chill vibe and gives really good insight. Tesfatsion has really good chemistry with the guests and is overall a really good interviewer. The three shows that I recommend you watch the most are with: Clinton Portis, Ed Reed, and Antonio Cromartie. You can watch the show on Youtube or the Bleacher Report App.

Pardon My Take

Pardon My take is the most well known Barstool Sports Podcast and it's so funny. The two hosts have never played collegiate or professional sports and their names are PFT and Big Cat. What makes them so funny are how sarcastic they are and the way they just shit on their guests and make fun of them. It is a total switch of pace type podcast and there really isn't anything out there like that. While they do make fun of their guests a lot, they also really understand football. They interview a wide range of guests from Zac Efron and Kevin Hart to Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice. The episodes that I most recommend are the one with DK Metcalf, the one with both Metcalf and Aaron Donald, and with Quenton Nelson. This is one of the funniest shows out there. You can watch the show on Youtube.

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