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Skyy Moore Draft Profile

Skyy Moore
Scouting Report

When watching draft prospects I am always trying to find what scheme they would fit in and what role they are going to take on. For Skyy Moore, I did not have any problems envisioning what his role in the NFL will be. He is going to be an offensive weapon that stretches defenses vertically and is used as a gadget on reverses and tip passes. The 5’10 195 lb. receiver has legitimate track 100-meter speed. He has been skyrocketing up draft boards in the pre-draft process as he has impressed both on the field and in the meeting rooms at the Scouting Combine. Western Michigan has quietly become one of the best non-power five schools at producing wide receivers: Greg Jennings, Corey Davis, D’Wayne Eskridge, and now Moore. Once Moore gets into the league, he has the potential to become a star IN HIS ROLE.


As I have mentioned, Moore’s biggest asset is his speed. He makes it hard on the defender’s hamstrings and forces defenses to leave a safety over the top of him. While his speed is sensational, what’s even more impressive is the control he has over his speed. He doesn’t just run through his shoes, he knows how to manipulate his speed so he can snap down, cut, and break on footballs. While Moore is listed at 5’11, I thought he was closer to 5’9 because he’s a low runner— something taught while running track. His low center of gravity allows him to drop down and control his speed. Even though Moore is a smaller receiver, he does not get bullied. His quickness at the line and twitch at the top of his routes forces defenders to reach and ultimately miss when they try to get their hands on him. Despite his low-running style, he knows how to get up when the ball is in the air. He does a phenomenal job at high-point the football and being aggressive over defensive backs. Teams that need speed and players that can stretch the field will benefit from having Moore on their roster.


The biggest thing I noticed when watching Moore was the level of competition he was going against week after week. Against teams like Kent State and Northern Illinois, defensive backs couldn’t touch him. They were stumbling over their feet and playing heavy-footed. These players were doomed way before the snap when it came down to guarding Skyy Moore. Michigan was the best school that Moore faced last season and he got shut down— two catches for 22 yards. I would have also liked to see him utilized as a punt or kick returner due to his speed. I was much higher on D’Wayne Eskridge coming out of Western Michigan last year than I am of Moore this year.


Teams that need speed in their receiver group will take a shot on Skyy Moore towards the end of the second round. I would have liked to see Moore utilize more on screen passes, reverses, and as a return man at Western Michigan. I have a late third-round grade on him because I see him being a third receiver and pivotal role player for an offense. With a receiver group as deep as this year’s class, I think you can wait before drafting a receiver like Moore. The Saints, Steelers, and Raiders are all teams that would benefit from having a player as fast as Moore in their wide receiver core. Realistically, I believe he’ll be on the caliber of Christian Kirk that averages a few big plays every few games. He’s going to be a role player in the NFL, but I don’t think I would draft a player like him until the end of the third round.

Skyy Moore
Skyy Moore
Film Study

Ability to Separate: 8.75/10

Release/Top of Routes: 7.5/8

YAC: 6/8

Route Running: 7.25/8

Contested Catch: 5/8

Hands + Catch Radius:  6.25/8

Speed + Control: 7/7

Physicality: 3.75/7

Natural Talent: 3.75/5

Versatility: 3.75/5

Overall:  59/74

Final Rating: 80


Pro Comparison: Christian Kirk

Team Fits: Saints, Steelers, Raiders

Draft Grade: Late Third Round

Draft Projection: Late Second Round

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