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Sam Darnold QB USC

The Rating System

Accuracy 2.75/5

Arm Strength 4.75/5

Mobility 4.5/5

In-the-pocket 2.75/5

Throw on the Run 5/5

Progressions 4/5

Presence 3.5/5

Against Pressure 4/5

Decision Making 2.75/5

Like a pro 2.75/5

Gut Feeling, extras, Others 2.75

Overall 3.59 Above Average Starter

Over View

Sam Darnold has all the talent in the world and all of his teammates love him. This is a great quality to have especially at the quarterback position. I’m not the biggest fan of his game and if he wants to be successful in the NFL he needs to be more accurate and make better decisions. I think when playing against him the perfect scheme is out side pressure making sure he doesn’t get out of the pocket. When inside the pocket, Darnold seems to struggle which isn’t something NFL teams will want. I have Darnold listed as more of a day-2 pick but according to other draft experts say he is supposed to go in day 1 and possibly be a top-10 pick. I think the best possible situation for Darnold is if he is put behind a veteran quarterback like Phillip Rivers so he can learn and take time to develop his talent. Some possible fits I see for him besides LA is for the Giants where he’d be behind Eli for a year or 2 or in Baltimore where he can be coached by Jon Harbaugh and sit behind Joe Flacco. For his success I think it’s vital for him to have pieces around him and that’s why I like his fit at the Stubhub center the best. In conclusion, I think Darnold is a talented prospect who needs to improve with his decision making and accuracy.


I compare USC QB Sam Darnold to Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jamies Winston. Like Winston coming out of college, Darnold is a highly sought-after prospect coming out of USC. Similar to Darnold, Jamies struggles with accuracy but is a great winner and has sneaky athleticism. Darnold has a difficult time with throwing in the pocket but just like Winston are at their best when on the move and throwing on the run outside of the pocket. Darnold hadn't won nearly as much as Jamies in college but did bring the same type of presence and energy to their teams. In all, I think Darnold should probably stay another year in college to improve his accuracy and decision making.

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