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Rondale Moore Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Rondale Moore is the twitchiest player in the 2021 NFL draft. In 2018, Moore had one of the greatest freshman seasons in Purdue’s history. Since his freshman year, Moore has only played seven games. In 2019, Moore fought against a lingering hamstring injury and in 2020, he suffered from another lower body injury. When on the field, Moore is electric. He’s a playmaker that can play basically anywhere on the field and should be a day two pick. 


When healthy, Moore is an absolute cheat code. He’s so quick and was practically unguardable at Purdue. He can play both in the slot, out of the backfield, and on special teams. He makes plays happen after the catch, but what is really special is what he does before the catch. He is an amazing route runner with a killer release off the line of scrimmage. At the top of his routes he hits his defenders with a 1-2 jab like he is Muhammad Ali. He runs light and his feet are so quick. One part of his game that gets overlooked is his intelligence. He graduated from Purdue in just two and a half years and he is a super smart dude. Moore has track speed and should be used heavily on reverses and bubble screens.


The biggest concern with Moore is something that is out of his control. Can he stay healthy? He hasn’t shown consistent health and this will worry NFL general managers. It’s easy to pull hamstrings when you run as fast as Moore, just look at John Ross as an example. Moore also had a handful of fumbles and drops, so he needs to get friendly with the jugs machine. Moore’s potential relies on his health.


The buzz I’m hearing behind Moore is that he’ll be an early day two pick. In the NFL, I see him being used in a Mecole Hardman type role where he is a number three receiver, heavily used on gadget plays, and as a punt/kick returner. Moore would fit well as a counterpart to stars like AJ Brown and Davante Adams, or in a premium role with the Indianapolis Colts. If Moore can stay healthy, he could potentially be the steal of the draft.

Rondale Moore
Rondale Moore
Film Study

Seperation 8.5/10

Route Running 9.25/10

Yards After Catch 8/10

Speed 7.5/8

Contested Grabs 4/8

Releases/ Top of Route 7.5/8

Catch Radius 4/8

Versatility 5/5

Overall: 53.75/67

Final Rating: 80


Pro Comparison: Mecole Hardman

Team Fits: Titans, Colts, Packers

Draft Ranking: Mid Third Round Pick

Draft Projection: Mid Second Round Pick

Rondale Moore
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