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Ronald Jones RB USC

The Rating System

Speed: 4.5/5

Vision: 4/5

Receiver Threat: 3.75/5

Yards After Contact 3.5/5

Elusiveness 4/5

Between The Tackles 3.5/5

Blocking 2/5

Ability to get outside 3.75/5

Truck 3.5/5

Gut Feeling and extra like (balance and patience): 4.5/5

Overall: 3.71 (above average starter)


USC Running Back Ronald Jones is a beast! He has incredible speed and is extremely elusive. I think he is the second best running back in this draft class and has a ton of talent. What he really needs to improve on is his blocking; on film it looks like he has no interest in it, but besides that he is a beast. He doesn’t get to the outside too often but when he does he might be the fastest player in College Football. I don’t think USC was the best fit for him, running the pistol but I do think it allowed him to show his long speed and ability to know what hole to go through. He’s an under-rated between the tackles runner and is almost impossible to take down in the open field. He is also extremely slippery, and that’s why he reminds me of Shady. He has mean stiff arm and if you want to tackle him you need to go high. If you try to tackle his leg’s you can just slip right off. I think Jones will do the best with a team that has an amazing offensive mind. I think the best fits for “RoJo” would be the Lions where he could take the load, the 49ers where Kyle Shanahan would use him, or even the Giants where Pat Shurmer can put him in a similar role as Dalvin Cook was last season. RoJo has 1st round talent but I’ve heard that he will be going early in the 2nd round. He will be a gem for what ever team takes him and I think he is going to be the next Dalvin Cook or Alvin Kamara.

Comparison: Dalvin Cook

It was hard for me to find a good comparison for Ronald Jones because he is such a one of a kind athlete but I went with Dalvin Cook. I think Jones is a faster version of Cook but they have a lot of the same characteristics. They are both really good runners and are very versatile out of the back field. I think Jones will be selected around the same area as Cook was and they are both very "slippery" runners and have outstanding vision. They are elusive and extremely dynamic, they will both be in fast pace offenses and will have times where they need to handle the load. While Cook is a better blocker than Jones, Jones will need to get better and if he can go into a system that has veteran running backs he will be able to learn and become just as good if not better than Cook.

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