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Predicting the Top 15 WRs in 2020

15. Deebo Samuel WR 49ers

Starting off this list hot, Deebo Samuel is a top 5 talent in the NFL. He can play nearly every skill position on offense and if he wasn't coming into the season injured, he would be much higher on this list. The 49ers offseason hate is for real, and Samuel is going to sneak up on any doubter once he gets back from that broken foot. Deebo can run any route and the way Shanahan schemes his players to succeed is what makes me confident in Samuel's ability. Deebo might not play until week 3 or 4, but he is going to be a baller as soon as he's healthy. I love Deebo's confidence and his desire to play, but I'm worried that he's going to throw himself into the game before he's ready. If he stays healthy, Deebo Samuel is going to be a monster and will be better than the number 15 receiver in the NFL.

14. Marquise Brown WR Ravens

I don't think there is any player in the NFL who's been working harder than Hollywood Brown this offseason. When players look like they're on a mission, you can tell. I think Hollywood Brown is on a mission this season. He is going to take a huge year two step and be the solidified number one receiver for the Ravens this year. He is now fully healthy and ready for year three Lamar Jackson. I expect Jackson to become an even better passer this year, and defenses are going to force him to throw the ball downfield. Hollywood Brown is going to have a huge year two step explosion.

13. Courtland Sutton WR Broncos

Here is another one of my receiver crushes. This is a dude who I just genuinely want on my favorite team and on my fantasy team. I believe Drew Lock is a baller with a ton of potential and the best quarterback Courtland Sutton has ever played with. Sutton now has teammates who can take away attention from the defense and there is so much talent in that offense. Denver is my sleeper super bowl contender in 2020 and Courtland Sutton is going to be an absolute beast this season.

12. Justin Jefferson WR Vikings

Every single season there is one of those rookie breakout stars who are just electric. I think it's going to be Justin Jefferson. Jefferson was my favorite player in the 2020 draft and he is going to take over as the number one receiver in Minnesota. Kirk Cousins has great stats every year, but doesn't get credit because of how bad his Monday Night Football win-loss ratio is. The Vikings just got rid of Stefon Diggs this offseason and that leaves a huge hole for Jefferson to fill. Justin Jefferson was Kubiak's guy in the draft and you know he has a vision for him. Jefferson is a baller and is going to completely take over the Vikings offense this year as a rookie. 

Deebo Samuel.jpg
Courtland Sutton.jpg
11. Mike Evans WR Buccaneers

Mike Evans is another player that I absolutely love, but I think he'll be hurt by the offseason (or lack there of). I expect the Buccaneers to utilize tight ends and running backs in the passing game a lot more and Evans is going to have a lot less 50-50 balls. I expect Evans to still be awesome, but have worse numbers than he had in 2020. The Bucs offense is going to be completely different in 2020, and if we're being honest Tom Brady is a lot more conservative than Jameis Winston. This will make the Buccaneers better, but it won't help Evans' stats. With the addition of Gronk, Evans isn't going to have those red zone opportunities this year. Mike Evans is a beast and the Buccaneers will be a wildcard team, but his role is going to change on the Bucs offense.

Mike Evans.jpg
10. Cooper Kupp WR Rams

The Rams are another one of those teams that are receiving a lot of hate, but will still have a solid season in 2020. I don't think they are going to be in the playoffs because of how good their division is, but I'm not worried about them. Sean McVay is so good and so talented, and he's going to turn Cooper Kupp from a beast to an absolute super star. Kupp is in a similar position to Deebo Samuel where I'm not worried about them because of their coaches ability to adapt. Kupp has the combination of talent, scheme, and work ethic. Now without Cooks in the offense, there is more opportunities for Kupp down the field. I think Higbee is going to be a baller this season, so that'll be a dynamic combo. I still believe this will be a top 10 offense, and this will be a step towards consistency and downfield shots for Cooper Kupp in 2020.

Cooper Kupp.jpg
9. DK Metcalf WR Seahawks

DK Metcalf is in a beautiful position to be a top 10 receiver in the NFL this year. He has Russell Wilson, he's worked with him all offseason, and now he has a full season under his belt. It seemed like every game Metcalf got better and I think he'll be unstoppable. I believe he's going to be the next Calvin Johnson. He has next level potential, confidence, and experiences rapid growth. His route tree developed week after week and he is going to be undeniable in 2020.

8. Odell Beckham Jr WR Browns

When healthy, there is no receiver more explosive than Odell Beckham Jr. and there is no bigger playmakers than Odell Beckham. Last season, Odell was not only playing with a core muscle injury, but he was also in one of the worst offenses. Not that the Browns weren't talented, but there coaching was one of the worst in the entire league. Kevin Stefanski might not have been the sexiest higher, but he will undoubtedly be a better head coach than Freddie Kitchens. He understands analytics and will be able to set the Browns offense up for success. OBJ is a nasty route runner and is being completely overlooked. With the addition of Austin Hooper, the Browns will be able to run 12 personnel sets which will cause more confusion to the defense instead of running 11 personnel every single pass play. If Odell Beckham Jr. can stay healthy, he will be a top 10 receiver in 2020.

Odell Beckham Jr..jpg
7. Keenan Allen WR Chargers

Keenan Allen is one of my favorite players in the entire league. He is by far one of the nastiest route runners in the league and he is unstoppable at the top of his route. Allen is tremendously underrated by the media, but all defensive backs respect him. The reason he's not higher on my list is because of the mystery at the quarterback situation. He hasn't had a full offseason to train with Justin Herbert and if Tyrod Taylor is at quarterback it will be more of a run based offense. Mike Williams is also an amazing target. This is a boom or bust season for LA, but no matter what Keenan Allen is going to ball out this season.

Keenan Allen.jpg
6. Deandre Hopkins WR Cardinals

Deandre Hopkins is an absolute killer. His route tree is amazing. He has top 3 hands in the NFL. His body control is on another level. His confidence is lethal. Deandre Hopkins is a phenomenal receiver, the only reason he's not higher is because of the switch of offense. I think he was in a better situation with Houston to pad his stats then he does in Arizona, but I think he has a better shot at making the playoffs with Arizona. He will be on a better team, but will have a different role. Hopkins is still going to be dominant but his stats won't be as great as years prior.

5. AJ Brown WR Titans

AJ Brown was my favorite offensive player in the 2019 draft and he was an absolute dog last year. For a period of time, AJ Brown was the best receiver in the NFL last season. AJ Brown is bigger, stronger, and faster than whoever is guarding him. He is extremely dangerous after the catch and has a chance to score from anywhere on the field. He now has a complete season under his belt and has a leadership role on the Titans offense. You also can't double AJ Brown or else you leave Derrick Henry with too few players in the box. AJ Brown is a bully out wide and is taking a step up in his second year.

4. Davante Adams WR Packers

Let's be real, there is no better route runner in the NFL than Davante Adams. Everything he does is crisp and he has a certain type of connection with Aaron Rodgers that just can't be matched. It seems like they are always one step ahead of the defense, unless it's the 49ers. Davante Adams understands leverage and what the defense wants him to do. This allows Adams to set his defenders up through releases and fakes at the top of his routes. Adams and Rodgers might have the best chemistry in the NFL and if Allen Lazard can take a step up this year, the Packers have a better shot at winning the NFC.

3. Tyreek Hill WR Chiefs 

Tyreek Hill is the baddest man in the NFL. What he does to defenses shouldn't be allowed. If I were to ask defensive coordinators who the hardest receiver to game plan against is, Tyreek Hill would be the answer. He is going to be doubled at all times and he can line up anywhere: outside, in the slot, and in the backfield. Tyreek and Patrick Mahomes is probably the most lethal connection in the NFL and if everyone on the Chiefs stay healthy, they're going to be a hard team to stop. Tyreek Hill is a monster and might be the best receiver in the NFL after this season.

2. Michael Thomas WR Saints

Michael Thomas was the best receiver in 2019 and wasn't even close. Now he has a legit number 2 receiver as well as one of the most accurate quarterbacks in NFL history. Believe it or not, Michael Thomas doesn't only run slant routes and hitches. He can run any route in the book, he actually has a phD in route running. Thomas is the strongest receiver in the NFL (when it comes to in game, DK Metcalf is in the weight room) and he does a great job creating separation with his body. Michael Thomas is an absolute animal and if he stays healthy, I don't expect him to have as many catches, but I still think he'll be one of the best in the league.

Davante Adams.jpg
Tyreek Hill.jpg
1. Julio Jones WR Falcons

Every year we always have the conversation of who's the best wide receiver in the league, is it Julio Jones or is it xyz? Julio is always the one constant in the conversation. Being truthful, I'm not a big believer in the Falcons, but I will always believe in Julio Jones as long as he stays healthy. Julio Jones is a hall of famer and will be in the conversation for most athletic receiver in NFL history. He is a ginormous problem for any defense and at all times he's the biggest, strongest, and fastest receiver on the field. I expect Calvin Ridley to step up this year, this will take some of the attention away from Julio. Julio Jones is a beast and he is going to continue to be that same beast in 2020.

Julio Jones.jpg

Honorable Mentions: Amari Cooper, Chris Godwin, Stefon Diggs, Terry McLaurin, CeeDee Lamb, Mike Williams, Kenny Golladay

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