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Predicting each teams next coach

Arizona Cardinals

I think Arizona goes after one of the best coordinators in the league with Matt Patricia. With this hiring I think Patricia would know how to use all the pieces the Cardinals have on this defense and that's why this team is such a satisfying job. They have arguably the best pass-rusher in the NFL with Chandler Jones who led the league in sacks, the most versatile DB in Tyrann Mathieu, and the best corner in the NFL in Patrick Peterson.  I have a feeling Patricia will also be able to recruit his own offensive staff simply because of David Johnson. I would expect him to pursue Ivan Fears, the patriots running backs coach, for OC and he'll handle the defensive duties. With a top 15 draft pick the Cardinals have a very bright future

Indianapolis Colts

My gut tells me that the Colts go after Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy. General Manager Chris Ballard use to work with the Chiefs and I wouldn't be surprised if they went after a Chiefs coordinator with the connections and history he has. Nagy is one of the leagues top play callers and you can see how the Chiefs have turned it up as of late. Nagy knows how to get each play maker the ball and I think he would be the perfect fit in Indianapolis. With Andrew Luck coming back and the third overall draft pick I think this Colts job is very attractive. I think Josh McDaniels and John DeFlippo would also be good fits in Indianapolis.

Chicago Bears

If I'm the Bears I go after Pat Shurmur 100 percent but I can see them ending up with Eagles QB coach John DeFlippo. Ryan Pace has said he wants to build around Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and I think it's crucial that they change up their offensive scheme for them to succeed. John DeFlippo has done a great job with Carson Wentz and I wouldn't be surprised if he turned Trubisky into a star player. I am not a big fan of position coaches becoming skipping the coordinator job and becoming the head coach just because of the lack of experience, but I think this wouldn't be terrible. If the Bears build around Trubisky and make the system to Trubisky's liking similar to what the Eagles did I think they will be in good shape for the future. This can be an attractive to job with tons of young talent but I think it will take a couple of years until the Bears are contenders.

Detroit Lions

Pat Shurmur would be a perfect fit to take the Lions head coaching. Shurmur would be able to turn QB Matthew Stafford into an elite signal caller. I think Shurmur could also establish a run game with Ameer Abdullah, Theo Riddick, and who ever they bring in in the offseason. Shurmur plays a huge role in the Vikings success and to take him away from their division rivals is awesome. Shurmur would be able to lure one of those amazing position coaches in Minnesota to coordinate the defense and the Lions may be playoff bound. If it's not Shurmur I think Panthers DC Steve Wilks would also be nice, would give the Lions recognition for best defense in the league.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are most likely going to be getting Jon Gruden and I think it's a genius hire but I think firing Jack Del Rio was a big mistake. Del Rio had one down year and I don't think it was his time. But hiring Gruden is all part of Mark Davis' genius idea right!?!?! But any ways Gruden knows about every team, every quarterback, and every strategy. Gruden has a whole new perspective on coaching and has a ton of talent to work with. I think the Raiders will be back in the playoffs next season and Gruden will win coach of the year in 2018.

New York Giants

The perfect situation for the Giants is them going after Patriots highly sought-after offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. McDaniels will be able to use that amazing receiving corp perfectly. He'll also make sure to get that O-line together through free agency and draft Eli's successor. McDaniels will mold perfectly in New York and Odell will go back to dominance. This will be a very exciting era for the Big Apple

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