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Players Who Will be Recognized with All-Pro Seasons in 2020
Fred Warner LB 49ers

Fred Warner is easily having an all pro season this year. Personally, I think he's the best linebacker in the NFL, but based on the fact that he didn't even make the pro bowl this year, I doubt he'll be recognized as an all pro this season. The 49ers were put in a difficult spot when Kwon Alexander was diagnosed with a torn pectoral muscle. Alexander was the 49ers defensive leader, he brought the energy every play and is a big reason for why the 49ers were doing so well on defense this season. Ever since Alexander was put on the IR, Fred Warner has taken his game to the next level. He's providing the energy for this defense and has put himself in the conversation of best linebacker in the game. Warner gets better each game and is the leader of a team that still has a lot of football to play.

AJ Brown WR Titans

AJ Brown has been arguably the best receiver in the NFL this past month (besides Michael Thomas). Ever since Tannehill started playing quarterback for Tennessee, Brown's game has evolved. This is the first time since high school that AJ Brown has had a quarterback who isn't afraid to air the ball out. His route running is top tier and his explosion is way better than anyone thought coming out of college. Brown was my number one receiver coming out of college, and he's proving me right. AJ Brown is the number one receiver for this football team and has one of the brightest futures out of every receiver in the league. 

Jaire Alexander CB Packers

Jaire Alexander has this trait that he's always near the ball. I feel like he's been so close on multiple occasions to getting an interception. He's a very underrated tackler and is a bright spot for this Packers defense. His cornerback compadre is having his breakout season, Kevin King has the second most interceptions this season with 5, but I think Alexander is the true number one corner. Next season, I see Alexander starting to pull in these interceptions and solidify himself as an all-pro corner. 

Courtland Sutton WR Broncos

Courtland Sutton is a straight up beast. He is a man playing amongst boys. His quarterback play has been anything but consistent, but a full offseason with Drew Lock will help like crazy. Drew Lock looks like the future of the Broncos and Sutton will be his number one target. Sutton is very similar to Mike Williams, if you throw the ball up, you know who's coming down with it. Sutton makes absurd acrobatic catches and I've been saying that he's a true number one receiver since his time at Southern Methodist. Sutton is going to get a ton of National Attention next year, so keep your eye out for him next season. 

Miles Sanders RB Eagles

Miles Sanders is another one of these guys who are coming on towards the end of the season. The number one most difficult trait about transitioning in to the NFL as a running back is patience. When I say patience, I'm talking about setting up your blocks. Holes open up and close back down so fast at the line, and you could tell at first Sanders just wanted to hit any opening. He was like a young, eager squirrel that would rip a big run every now and then, but also have a lot of negative runs. One nice thing that Doug Pederson has done to help develop Sanders is input delayed runs such as draws and counters. This forces Sanders to be patient, and his speed puts him in a position to break away from defenders. The past three games I watched a lot of Eagles tape, and you can tell that Sanders has matured a lot since the beginning of the season. He's on the verge of an all-pro season.


Others: Terry McLaurin, Justin Simmons, Roquan Smith, Kerryon Johnson

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