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Michael Pittman Jr. Draft Profile

Scouting Report​

Michael Pittman is one of those prospects who say “that’s my guy”. Pittman is being tremendously underrated and I believe he will end up being a top 5 receiver in the draft (when it’s all said and done). He’s extremely reliable, physical, and just overall a big time play maker. He doesn’t necessarily have burner speed, but I believe he has this slow speed. It doesn’t look like he’ll burn you, but he’ll end up outrunning you after the catch similar to JuJu. The one big knock I have on him is that I don’t see the twitch in his game. He’s a little robotic, but I think he is worthy of a first round pick. At USC, he was moved around a little bit, but I think he’ll be a number one X receiver in the NFL. There is room for improvement with his releases, but I think he is going to be a steal on day 2. 

Where He Should Go: Top 35

Where He Will Go: 2nd Round to Lowest 3rd Round

Grading Scale:

Separation: B

Route Running: B

Releases/Ability to get off Press: B-

Speed: B

Catch in traffic: A

Yards after the Catch: A-

Hands: A

Versatility: N/A

I believe Michael Pittman is the most "plug and play" type of receiver outside of the top tier. His hands are amazing and he's extremely physical at the top of the route and with his releases. I think the most underrated feature about him is his ability to pick up yards after the catch. He can catch jump balls and be a fade receiver. I honestly believe that Pittman will be the best receiver in the draft outside of the top four. Pittman is going to be a steal for what ever team drafts him in round two.

Team Fits: Bills, Vikings, Raiders, Texans

Pro Comparison: He's Jarvis Landry if Jarvis Landry was 6'4

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