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Mason Rudolph QB Oklahoma State

The Rating System

Accuracy 2.75/5

Arm Strength 3.75/5

Mobility 3/5

In-the-pocket 5/5

Throw on the Run 3/5

Progressions 4.5/5

Presence 4/5

Against Pressure 3.5/5

Decision Making 3.75/5

Like a pro 3.75/5

Gut Feeling, extras, Others 4.15/5

Overall 3.74 (above average starter)


Oklahoma State Quarterback Mason Rudolph seems like the most intelligent player on the field when it comes to the decisions he makes. You can tell by the film that he knows what he’s doing and that he takes time to watch film. Out of all the quarterbacks in this draft class I think he is the most ready to transition into the pro’s. On tape it seems that his players believe in him and will rally with him. Even though, he is great with his progressions he isn’t always the most accurate. He needs to improve on his touch passes and making sure not to misses on his one one ones. He doesn’t have Lamar Jackson like mobility but can move around in the pocket similar to Ben Roethlisberger, he is great at stepping into the pocket and doesn’t throw too many interceptions. He doesn’t get sack too often but when he does he needs to make sure to hold on to the ball. I enjoyed watching his chemistry with other teammates like James Washington and think he’ll be able to create a nice duo with one of his pro teammates. I was very impressed with his ability to read a defense and find the open receiver, if he can improve on his accuracy I’d say he’ll go in the first round. He will be able to prove that in private workouts and at the combine. Rudolph is one of my favorite quarterbacks in this draft class and I think he’d do really well if he has an offensive minded head coach or a great quarterback coach/ mentor. A good O-line would help to! I think he’d fit nicely in Denver where he has a solid skill group and John Elway could help him. I think he’d be a perfect fit with San Francisco if Jimmy Garoppolo wasn’t there. He has the smarts and talent to become the next Pro Bowl quarterback and if he can get in a West Coast Offense he'll ball out in the NFL.

Comparison: Matt Ryan

When we talk about Matt Ryan he doesn't have the strongest arm, the most accuracy, a ton of mobility but he's incredibly smart. With the right system Mason Rudolph can be the next Matt Ryan. Mason Rudolph has made an incredible connection with wide receiver James Washington similar to the connection Ryan has with Julio Jones. Rudolph and Ryan has the same type of mobility in the pocket and they each have above average arm strength. Where they both need to improve is with accuracy and it seemed like when the Falcons had Kyle Shanahan it looked as if Ryan was the most accurate quarterback in football and that's why it is so vital for Rudolph to have an offensive mentor.

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