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Kylin Hill Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Mississippi State running back, Kylin Hill, is electric. He’s very speedy and one of the fastest players in this year’s draft. After just three games at Mississippi State in 2020, Hill decided to opt out and prepare for the draft. His decision to opt out may have been due to his lack of carries, averaging just five carries again despite being the starting running back. Hill also may have chosen to sit out because he was a little banged up and he didn’t want to risk severe injury by playing the rest of the year.


As I mentioned earlier, Hill’s speed is dynamic. He can run both north and south and east and west. Despite being more of a speed, scat-back Hill isn’t afraid of contact and he has a tendency to finish his runs by lowering his shoulder into a defender. This type of physicality is the type that coaches fall in love with. If he keeps that same mentality, he will undoubtedly find a way to make it on to the field. He’s athletic and if given the opportunity, he isn’t afraid to hurdle someone. In the NFL, Hill’s role should be centered around him being a receiver out of the backfield. In the three games he played in 2020, Hill had 23 receptions which is over 7 catches per game. Hill may be a developmental running back and he’s undoubtedly a big boom or bust prospect. 


The reason I’m not as high on Hill is because of his inconsistencies. The lack of carries is worrisome and he also drops a lot of passes. I also have some concerns regarding his vision. He gets stuffed in the backfield way too often and he struggled a lot versus top competition. While he does put a lot of effort into his pass blocking, I’m worried about his lack of strength. His effort is phenomenal, but I don’t think he’ll be utilized as a pass blocker, until he puts on more weight. 


Hill will be picked sometime in the middle of day three and is a guy who will compete for a roster spot. I could see him being utilized as a third down back at the next level and mostly as a receiver out of the backfield.

Kylin Hill.jpg
Kylin Hill
Film Study

Vision 6.5/12

Contact Balance 7/10

Speed/Burst 9/10

Elusiveness 7/10

Receiving Threat 7/8

Change of Direction 4.5/5

Athleticism 4/5

Pass Protection 3.25/5

Overall: 48.25/65

Final Rating: 74


Pro Comparison: Darrynton Evans

Team Fits: Vikings, Giants, Packers

Draft Ranking: 7th Round Pick - Undrafted

Draft Projection: 5th round pick

Kylin Hill
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