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KJ Hamler Draft Profile

Scouting Report

KJ Hamler isn’t your prototypical slot receiver, but his versatility is what makes him dangerous. He’s only 5’8, but his speed kills. He uses his 4.3 speed to create separation and he’s lethal at the top of his route. Hamler is going to be used on reverses, screens, and as a punt returner. I start to get worried with his ability to get off press coverage and his hands aren’t natural. Although he has some ugly catches, he is extremely athletic and has the ability to climb the ladder. He’s put on strength since his season ended, he benched 15 reps of 225 lbs. at the combine, but I still get worried with him getting thrown off his route in the middle of the field. Hamler’s speed shows both during his route and after the catch. I have him graded as a late third round pick, but I think he’ll get picked late in the second round. Hamler is going to have a role in the NFL not as a number one receiver, but as a player who will make plays all over the field.

Where He Should Go: Mid to Late Third Round

Where He Will Go: Late Second Round

Grading Report:

Separation: A-

Route Running: B+

Releases/Ability to get off Press: F

Speed: A+

Catch in traffic: B+

Yards after the Catch: B+

Hands: C-

Versatility: A+

I believe KJ Hamler will thrive with an offensive coordinator who utilizes screens and reverses. Hamler can also be used on posts and on deep targets in the middle of the field. He had a handful of touchdowns vs cover 0 where he completely burns his man. He is really good off motions and his speed will help him get on the field. I'd love to see him used similar to Richie James, if a team can put him in motion on a bootleg, the defense can be in real danger. His hands aren't great, but with practice that can be improved. I think Hamler will be the ultimate "flex" weapon.

Team Fits: Bengals, Rams, Bears

Pro Comparison: Richie James

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