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Josh Rosen QB UCLA

The Rating System

Accuracy 4.5/5

Arm Strength 3.75/5

Mobility 3.15/5 

In-the-pocket 4.5/5

Throw on the Run 2.75/5

Progressions 3/5

Presence 5/5

Against Pressure 4.25/5

Decision Making 2.75/5

Like a pro 4/5 

Gut Feeling, extras, Others 3.5/5

Overall 3.74 Above Average Starter


Josh Rosen has a ton of potential in the NFL, he’s a very accurate passer and has a very good arm. His mobility isn’t game changing but it’s enough to be able to pick up a first down and keep the chains moving. Rosen has tremendous poise in the pocket and can make a throw with defenders in his face. Where he struggles is when he’s faced with having to get out of the pocket and throw on the run aswell as when the defense forces him to make a read and make the right decision. If he wants to be successful that’s what he really needs to improve on. I think if he’s put with the right coach he can definetly be a pro-bowler… In college he had coach Jim Mora who put him in a pro style offense so the transition from college to pro won’t be as big of a leap compared to other quarterbacks. Arguably the most attractive quality about Rosen to me was the presence he brings to the team… when he’s on the team their is always hope, he brings a certain type of feel and I think coaches will fall in love with him because of that. A knock on him that He can’t control is that he is a little bit undersized for his position so his passes are easier to knock down. But then again, if he can get with the right coach he can be very successful. Some Potential fits for him can be in Arizona with Bruce Arians, It could be interesting to see him in Cleveland with Hue Jackson, and an interesting situation could be if Kirk Cousins leaves in free agency, I think Jay Gruden can do wonderful things with Josh Rosen. I think Josh Rosen will be a top 10 pick in the draft because of how much teams envy his accuracy, arm strength, and the presence he brings on and off the field.  

Pro Comparison: Jared Goff

Coming out of college, Jared Goff was one of the most accurate passers entering the draft, very similar to UCLA QB Josh Rosen. Josh Rosen runs with a fast pace offense and his team gets a ton of momentum similar to what Jared Goff is doing in Los Angeles. Rosen and Goff are both pocket passers with huge arms and sneaky mobility. Similar to Rosen, Goff wasn't the biggest winner with Cal but when put with the right head coach he can make something happen... I think it'll be very important that Josh Rosen lands in a place with pieces around him including an offensive minded head coach.

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