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Jordan Morgan Draft Profile

Scouting Report

University of Arizona left tackle Jordan Morgan is a prototypical sized NFL offensive tackle standing at 6’5 320 lbs. with good length. Despite tearing his ACL in week 11 of his redshirt sophomore season, the 2023 All-Conference Left Tackle ended up starting 12 games for the Wildcats in 2023. Before starting 27 games in his collegiate career, Morgan was an under-recruited offensive lineman who was featured as both a right and left tackle at Marana high school. As an NFL prospect, Morgan offers position-flexibility with some inside potential, but I anticipate him sticking with left tackle in the league.


In the passing game, Morgan’s athleticism and lower-body mobility are evident. His ability to quickly transition from a two-point stance and cut off a speed rusher's angle neutralizes their rush. He plays fast, but doesn’t lose his base; Morgan understands leverage and uses his positioning to his advantage. He is aggressive in his approach as a pass-protector whether it is jump-setting edge rushers or taking an aggressive angle; Morgan is not afraid to shoot his shot. With that being said, his set occasionally results in him getting beat inside on counters. He has an above average anchor and bends very well; he does a great job at walling-off speed rushers and building a pocket for his quarterback. With that being said, there is room for improvement with Morgan’s punch. While he uses his length to his advantage, defensive ends have found success with two hand-swipes. Diversifying how he punches will prevent defenders from swiping. An underrated trait of Morgan’s is his ability to marry up his set with the quarterbacks’ drop and timing of the concept. He is a smart player, but will occasionally have mental lapses when identifying the blitz resulting in a free-rusher. Due to his athletic ability and physical traits, Morgan has a very high ceiling, but would benefit from a veteran offensive line coach to help him develop.


As a run blocker, Morgan thrives by getting off the ball and using his bend to out leverage defenders. His ability to move in space and gain proper hat placement is his greatest super-power. Having a tackle that is capable of getting a reach block to seal a play-side nine-technique or a backside three-technique is a springboard for explosive runs. Morgan is not a tackle that is going to force tremendous knock-back and vertical displacement, but he will get out in space and be the lead blocker on screen-passes and runs designed to hit the perimeter. An area that he does need to improve in is effort on the second half of plays. He doesn’t finish through the whistle and had quite a few loafs on film. His overall play strength is just average which isn’t going to be appealing for downhill, gap-scheme run teams. The best teams are ones that build off a player’s strengths and build up their weaknesses; if he lands in the right scenario, Morgan can end up as one of the best run-blocking tackles in the NFL.


Morgan’s skillset is one that base zone-run teams covet; he is not a one size fit all tackle, but with the widespread adoption of the Shanahan-offense, there will be plenty of teams in which Morgan is a perfect fit. Similar to Broderick Jones last year, Morgan is a big tackle that moves very well but lacks the upper-body strength to be a force for gap scheme teams. With more defenses running five-man, odd-fronts with hard edges, I believe their is going to be more of a premium on getting offensive lineman that can move defenders from point A to point B. However, if a team has an opportunity to get a player like Morgan who has a premiere combination of size and athletic ability, he is hard to turn down. I still believe Morgan has a long way to go when it comes to developing functional strength in the run game and diversifying his punch in the pass game. While I have a second round grade on him, I am confident that a team will be enamored with his physical assets and take him in the first.

Draft Grade

Feet + COD: 9.33/12 (Very Good)

Movement Ability in Space + Bend: 9.33/12 (Very Good)

Strain + Seal + Strength: 4.44/10 (Average)

Anchor + Sink: 6.67/10 (Good)

Football IQ: 6.67/10 (Good)

Mentality + Violence: 4.44/10 (Average)

Point of Contact + Punch: 3.56/8 (Average)

Recover + Poise: 3.56/8 (Average)

Patience + Hands: 3.33/6 (Above Average)

Overall: 51.33/88 (58.3)

Final Rating: Above Average NFL Tackle

Pro Comparison: Broderick Jones with slightly shorter arms

Scheme Fits: Zone Running Scheme

Draft Projection: Mid - Late First Round

Draft Grade: Mid - Late Second Round

Potential Teams: Jets, Packers, Titans

Jordan Morgan
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