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Jonathan Taylor Draft Profile

Draft Profile

No skill position player had a better combine performance than Jonathan Taylor and he’s increased his draft stock tremendously. I didn’t love his tape as much as I loved his combine performance, but you can’t deny that he can tote the rock. He’s a down-hill runner and has speed that kills. He’s got an NFL frame and carried the load at Wisconsin. He has the best blocking skills out of any of the top three backs and is amazing at running through contact. You constantly see defenders draped all over him trying to bring him down, but he just keeps moving his feet no matter how many defenders on jumping on him. Even though he averaged over 6 yards a carry with Wisconsin, that stat is deceiving. I felt he had way too many runs that go for between 1 and -1 yards. Outside of his constant short-yardage runs, he also struggles a ton as a receiver. I equate his constant short runs with his downhill-bruiser type offense, but his receiving skills are an issue that he’ll need to get better at. Jonathan Taylor is the best inside runner I’ve seen in this draft, but I want to see him used more so on the outside. His speed wasn’t used enough at Wisconsin and an NFL team will take advantage of his skill set. If he can develop as a receiver, he can be an NFL all-pro. I’m just worried about his constant short yard runs, but NFL coaches can definitely work with him. Taylor is the best inside runner I have seen so far in this draft and I’m curious to see what coaches can develop him to be a dynamic NFL running back.

Where He Should Go: 2nd Round

Where He Will Go: Late First Round to Early Second Round

Rating System

Vision: 8/10

Contact Balance: 9/10

Play Speed/Burst: 8.5/10

Change of Direction: 8/10

Receiving ability: 5.5/10

Pass Protection: 9/10

Elusiveness: 8.5/10

Athleticism: 10/10

Patience: 9/10

Yards per carry: 6.3

Jonathan Taylor earned a ten on his athleticism grade due to his combine performance. Nobody outperformed him and he's extremely deserving of that grade. Out of the top three running backs: Taylor, Dobbins, and Swift, Taylor is the best blocker. His contact balance is really good, but his play speed isn't as fast as his track speed. Ideally Jonathan Taylor can go to a team with a good offensive line and that runs him out of different personnel packages. While he was dominant with inside runs, I want to see him end up with a coach that will showcase his athleticism. I want to see him develop as a receiver and used on the outside.

Team Fits: Falcons and Chargers

Pro Comparison: James Conner

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