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Joey Porter Jr. Draft Profile

Joey Porter Jr.
Scouting Report

Long corner back who is physical enough in coverage to matchup against tight ends and athletic enough to play vs receivers on the outside. While his hips are fluid when having to open up and flip, he tends to play high and struggles against quicker receivers. I believe this is due to having feet that are not very active.


Porter did not have an interception in college, but I still believe he has good ball skills. When his eyes are in the right spot, he is able to make plays on the ball and break up passes. His length also allows him to recover and get his hands in passing windows. His instincts are inconsistent, when he gets beat he tends to get grabby and can look a little lost when having to read route concepts in match coverage. With that being said, when he is visioning the quarterback and playing trail technique, Porter is reactive. He is a competitor that is not afraid to come up and make a tackle.


He physically sets the tone when in man coverage and has good eyes when reading the quarterback. I am worried about his foot-quickness and speed, but his length and physicality gives him a higher potential than most corners.

Draft Grade

Movement Ability (Hips + Feet): 10.25/14

Speed + Control: 8.75/12

Ball Skills: 10/12

Physicality + Aggression: 8.5/10

Instincts + Intelligence: 6.75/8

Poise + Confidence: 6.5/8

Pursuit + Competitiveness: 5/6

Length + Hand Usage: 5.25/6

Overall: 61/78

Final Rating: 78

Pro Comparison: Amani Oruwariye

Draft Grade: Late Third Round

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