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JK Dobbins Draft Profile

Draft Profile

When I watch film, I try and take emotion out of it because I feel like that gives you a bias, but I couldn’t help it with JK Dobbins. Everything he does is just so so good; I couldn't stay seated while watching his tape. The combination of his contact balance and his vision just makes his tape so fun to watch. He bounces a lot as a running back and will absolutely explode through a hole. His jump cuts are great and he’s really good at splitting defenders. One small thing that he does is fall forward when he goes down and I love that. He picks up simple yards at the end of his runs and it makes a difference. There really aren’t a lot of knocks to his game. If there was one weakness to his game it’s his pass protection skills. He gets knocked back easily and he’ll definitely need to get better at that in the NFL. He also had only 23 catches in 2019 and two drops in the Clemson. I still think he’s going to be a really good receiver at the next level and I would actually want to see him flexed out wide more often as a route runner. Dobbins’ lateral speed is amazing, he’s a big run waiting to happen. I love the way he continues to churn his feet through contact. There will be times where a defender will either slip right off of him or he’ll just take them for a ride. The last thing I want to talk about is his shoulder. Not an injury to his shoulder, but a violence to it. If you have to make an open field tackle against JK, it’s not ending up in your direction. He’s going to put his right shoulder in your throat and put you on the ground. For JK, I'd like to see him in a system that not only utilizes him in the run game but also in the receiving game. I also want him to go to an offense that doesn't go under center every play. He's so good on the outside zone, if he ends up in a progressive offense, that would be ideal. Dobbins is an amazing running back that I want to see develop as a blocker in the NFL.

Where He Should Go: Top 20

Where He Will Go: Late First Round or Early Second

Rating System

Vision: 9/10

Contact Balance: 10/10

Play Speed/Burst: 9.5/10

Change of Direction: 10/10

Receiving ability: 7/10

Pass Protection: 6/10

Elusiveness: 9.5/10

Athleticism: 9/10

Patience: 8.5/10

Yards per carry: 6.7

Overall, JK Dobbins is great at nearly everything. Outside of blocking, there aren't a lot of holes to his game. His vision is amazing and he's super bouncy. His burst is amazing, he's great with the outside zone (his lateral speed is on another level), and he's super slippery when it comes to his contact balance. These are all traits he shares with Raheem Mostert and I think he's going to make an impact as soon as he enters the league. In the NFL he needs to be utilized way more in the receiving game. He ran this one angle route vs Michigan that I can't get out of my brain. He was so under utilized in the pass game at Ohio State it's ridiculous. Dobbins doesn't get enough love in the draft world.

Team Fits: Chiefs and Texans

Pro Comparison: Raheem Mostert

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