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Jerry Jeudy Draft Profile

Draft Profile

Jerry Jeudy is hands down my number one receiver in this draft. He is the best route runner I’ve seen come out of college since Odell Beckham and that's what he's known for. His release package is extremely versatile and he takes advantage of undisciplined DBs. He’s really good at making DB’s “reach for air” and just completely miss on their press. He has by far the best footwork in this draft and his precision at the top of his routes are amazing. He struggles catching the ball through contact and will sometimes get throw off his route by linebackers. There aren’t a ton of flaws to his game besides a lack of physicality. I don’t think that will be a problem if he can gain weight as a pro. He isn’t a “burner” but he’s extremely explosive and has game speed. One thing I love about him is the detail in his routes. He understands what the DB wants to do. He knows how to get a DB to flip his hips and attack their blind spots. Jeudy is the WR1 in this class and an NFL team is going to draft him in the top 13.

Where He Should Get Drafted:  Top 10 Pick

Where He Will Get Drafted: Picks 8-13

Rating System:

Separation: A

Route Running: A++

Releases/Ability to get off Press: A+

Speed: B

Catch in traffic: C

Yards after the Catch: B

Hands: B-

Versatility: B-

Jeudy is going to gain weight and become stronger in his rookie year. This will allow him to be more physical and do a better job with contact.  Jeudy is amazing at the start of the route and his knowledge for the DB's leverage will make him elite. Jeudy also played under Nick Saban so you know his football IQ is very high. Jeudy also does a nice job converting his routes depending on the defense's coverage. Jeudy doesn't get enough love for his speed and while it's not straight track speed it's football explosion. He reminds me exactly of Odell. He doesn't have as good hands as him and isn't nearly as good with contested catches. I think he has a better release package than him, but they are very similar. Jerry Jeudy is brings a certain type of confidence with him and it will guide him through the next level. Jeudy is one of my favorite players in the draft and he'll be successful with any team he gets drafted to.

Team Fits: 49ers, Raiders, Vikings

Pro Comparison: Odell Beckham Jr.

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