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Jalen Hurts Draft Profile

Draft Profile

Jalen Hurts has been extremely underrated throughout this draft process. He might not be a sure thing, but his ceiling is so much higher than a lot of people give him credit for. He is the biggest boom or bust prospect in this draft and I believe he is at least worth a third round pick for quarterback needy teams. If he ends up in the right system he can be a pro-bowl quarterback. He does an amazing job with off-script plays and is great throwing on the run. The one bad thing about him being so great with off-script plays is that he holds onto the ball for way too long. He also doesn’t throw with a lot of velocity so his ability to make tight-window throws are questionable. Hurts’ mobility will be a weapon once he gets into the league and he also does a great job with run pass options. His footwork is extremely relaxed and he’s a natural born leader. If it’s with Alabama or Oklahoma, he is a winner and every coach raves about him. I think Jalen Hurts has the potential to be a pro-bowler, but there are areas where he needs to improve. I want to see him get better with rhythm, three step drop backs. That isn’t necessarily his game, but I think it’s mandatory that he improves that in the NFL. He didn’t throw the ball down field that often, but when he did he was pretty accurate. Hurts had a really good combine and I think a team might fall in love with him in the draft process. 

Where He Should Go: 2nd Round

Where He Will Go: 3rd-4th Round

Ideal Situation: The ideal situation for Jalen Hurts is ending up with a run-first offense. Hurts has already played in two of the greatest systems in college football and he's been successful in both offenses. He is permeable, and the greatest players in the NFL are. If Hurts can play with an offensive coordinator who uses RPOs and will utilize his mobility, Hurts will be the biggest steal in the draft. The one thing that might change my perspective of his "ideal situation" is if he can improve as a passer down field. Lamar Jackson has really provided him with an outlet where teams can be patient with him. A lot of scouts scrutinized Jackson's throwing ability coming out of college, but Jackson showed that he can improve. Jackson landed with a great coach (John Harbaugh and Greg Roman) and if Hurts can land in a good situation he can be a baller in the NFL!

Team Fits: Dolphins, Redskins, Seahawks

Pro Comparison: Cam Newton

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