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Jacob Eason Draft Profile

Draft Profile

Jacob Eason is a quarterback who could use an other year in college. He’s good at making tight window throws and is amazing on third and fourth down. On the other hand, he throws off his back foot way too often and once he gets to the top of his drop back, his feet look like they’re stuck in mud. If his footwork doesn’t improve in the NFL, he’s going to get clobbered by guys like Chase Young and Nick Bosa. Let’s talk about the positives of his game, he is really good with a clean pocket. In the short field (red zone) he’s accurate and is able to show off his ability to make tight window throws. On third and fourth in short, he has something close to a 100% conversion rate when doing quarterback sneaks. There are definitely traits where a coach can say, “I can mold him into a starting caliber guy”. In his bowl game he did a really good job with RPOs and I believe he can be a solid pro, I just think he needs a lot of work. A lot of the time he locks onto his first read and will end up throwing into coverage. I thought his pro style offense will help him adapt to the NFL, but I can’t get over his footwork. He has really good frame and when he gets hot there’s no stopping him. Realistically, I think he is going to be an NFL backup unless he gets drafted to a spot where he can learn under a veteran quarterback. If he can end up behind a Drew Brees or a Matt Ryan that is ideal. He is not a guy who is "plug and play". One throw that he's amazing with is when the outside receiver runs a go-ball on the right side. He anticipates that throw so well and if he is able to sit behind a veteran quarterback then he will be able to sit and build a connection with receivers on that team. These are all hypotheticals, but Eason has a chance, I just see don't see him being one of those all-pro quarterbacks.

Where He Should Go: Day three pick

Where He Will Go: Second Round

Ideal Situation: Ideally, Jacob Eason gets drafted late in the second round and can sit. I want Eason to go to a team with a star powered running game. If Eason can sit behind a veteran quarterback (Kirk Cousins, Drew Brees, Derek Carr) and develop I think he has a better chance to be successful. I don't have a whole lot of confidence in Eason, but this is all about his "ideal situation".

Team Fits: Vikings, Raiders, and Falcons

Pro Comparison: Andy Dalton

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