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Interview With NFL Draft Prospect Penny Hart


In this year's draft, everyone is going to be looking for the player that can give their team the edge. The Bears have one with Tarik Cohen, the Chiefs have Tyreek Hill, and the Saints have Taysom Hill. These players are all gifted in different ways and that's what makes them so difficult to defend. I think the one player who can be the Tyreek Hill for his team will be Penny Hart. Similar to Hill, Hart is a smaller player with tremendous speed. Hart and Hill both went to smaller schools, but play bigger than their actual size. After watching his tape, I think Hart's biggest strengths are his separation skills and burst off the line. Hart is a big play guy who has a bigger range than his body. Hart was a senior bowl stand out and was a fan favorite. People were beyond impressed with his speed and it looked like whenever he was on the TV it would be because a defensive back is chasing him. While no defender will be able to catch him, I had the honor to catch up with this Georgia State standout as he enters the NFL Draft process... Here it is!

Q: I've watched a lot of film on you and despite only being listed as 5'8, I noticed that you have an outstanding range for your size. I've seen you stretch out for passes that most would think are outside of your range, I think that's one of the most underrated parts of your game. What do you think is the most underrated part of your game?

A: The most underrated part of my game is my ability to understand defenses well and how they are trying to play me. I take pride in being a student of the game so I'm good at understanding defenses.

Q: When I think of how you play the game, I think a good way to describe you is as an offensive weapon. You have an outstanding burst to go along with a PhD in route running; how do you imagine yourself being used in the NFL?

A: I imagine being someone who might just start off as a slot guy but whatever team I go to will realize that I'm a true receiver in every sense of the position and end up playing outside as well.

Q: As you prepare for the NFL Draft, what are the two biggest things you're working on to improve your game and your draft stock?

A: I'm working on being ready to play more positions than just receiver and also working on special teams play from a defensive standpoint.

Q: I play quarterback for my high school and before each of my games I need to have a certain meal and wear a certain t-shirt under my jersey. What superstitions do you have before your games?

A: I have to listen to swag Surfin by Lil Wayne before I get off the bus and I have to sit at the very front of the bus.

Q: What's Penny Hart's secret talent?

A: My hidden talent is being able to make people laugh. 

Q: If I'm an NFL general manager, why should I draft you?

A: Because you won't find a player who is willing to will themselves to greatness like I will!

Penny Hart is one of the most humble people I've ever spoken to, after watching him practice for the senior bowl I reached out to him through instagram just hoping he would open my message. He actually responded and I had this chance to ask him questions. You don't find many players, let alone people who would do something like this. If there is any chance that an NFL general manager or scout is reading this, you need to draft Penny Hart. He has great humility and will be a difference maker for your football team. I'm only imagining what a coach like Kyle Shanahan or Sean McVay could do with an offensive weapon like this. Thank you to Penny for being so nice and creating this relationship with me, you are awesome!

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