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Perfect Fits for Day 1 and Day 2 Draft Prospects

Tua Tagovailoa to the Chargers

Tua Tagovailoa is a perfect fit into the Chargers west coast offense. Tua Tagovailoa is so good with eye manipulation, reading defenses, and he's way more mobile than Phillip Rivers. Tua gets the ball out fast and can make Austin Ekeler a star. He's great at throwing towards the middle of the field which will get the best out of Hunter Henry. In college he played with four different first round receivers and he gets a similar receiving core with the Chargers. LA is also getting an all-pro guard in Trai Turner and tackle Bryan Bulaga. The Dolphins don't have a right tackle or a left tackle and that would not pair up well with Tua. I can already see Tua thriving in the powder blues.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire to the Buccaneers

With the Buccaneers signing Tom Brady, they need someone he's going to be able to check down to. He doesn't have his Danny Woodhead, his James White, or his Dion Lewis. Edwards-Helaire is an amazing receiver out of the backfield and his low center of gravity helps him with his contact balance. Edwards-Helaire is extremely elusive and I believe Bruce Arians would put him in a role to be a pro bowl running back. The Buccaneers have two amazing receiver on the outside and with Clyde Edwards, they have that guy who will catch a swing route or run an angle route towards the middle of the field. I believe Edwards-Helaire is going to have an instant impact and be a safety valve for the Buccaneers. 

Darrynton Evans to the Chiefs

Darrynton Evans is one of my favorite sleepers in the draft. If he went to a bigger school than Appalachian State, I believe we'd be talking about him going in the first round. Evans is extremely slippery and I believe he can be the next Alvin Kamara. His speed and his elusiveness makes him a perfect for Kansas City. As long as the Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes at quarterback, they are going to be a pass first offense. Evans is a very good receiver and his speed will be utilized in the outside zone. He can be a less productive LeSean McCoy for Andy Reid's offense. I believe this is a dream fit. 

Justin Jefferson to the 49ers

If I'm being honest, all of the top four receivers fit the 49ers system. Kyle Shanahan is a wide receiver guru, but I can see him taking Jefferson's game to an other level. Jefferson was extremely productive as a slot receiver at LSU, but I believe Shanahan would use him all over the place. As I said in my draft report, I believe Justin Jefferson is the number one receiver in the draft. He is extremely physical when it comes to contested catches and is an extremely smooth route runner. If Justin Jefferson gets drafted to San Francisco, he'll be a pro bowler in his rookie year. As I said earlier, I believe Kyle Shanahan will turn any of these top four receivers in to all-pros.

Brandon Aiyuk to the Colts

I honestly love Brandon Aiyuk, but I don't think he'll be a number one receiver right out of the draft. Aiyuk will develop into being a number one receiver later in his career, but I think he would compliment TY Hilton perfect. Aiyuk is a thicker builder receiver who is amazing after the catch. I think he's a precise route runner and would be an amazing number two receiver for Phillip Rivers. The Colts have two early second round picks and that's where he'll be drafted. Brandon Aiyuk to Indy is one of my favorite fits in this entire 2020 NFL Draft.

Michael Pittman Jr. to the Bills

Michael Pittman Jr. is my favorite sleeper receiver in the entire draft. Pittman is a guy who I think can be a plug and play number one receiver. He is a big target who will make ridiculous grabs versus a bunch of contact. I think he is a completely different receiver to Stefon Diggs, which makes him a perfect compliment. He'll be a poor man's version of the JuJu Smith to Antonio Brown tandem. Michael Pittman Jr. is extremely reliable, he catches everything, and would be extremely comforting for Josh Allen.

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