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Eno Benjamin Draft Profile

Draft Profile

Eno Benjamin is an extremely shifty RB and has amazing jump cuts. His change of direction is phenomenal and does a really nice job making defenders over-pursue. While he doesn’t have that straight line speed, he doesn’t have lateral speed. His tape was a little inconsistent and he constantly had negative runs. HIs pass protection was not good at all. He consistently recognized the blitz late, but there was this one play vs Arizona that got me to stand out of my seat. His quarterback had started to run and Benjamin was trying to seal the outside. He drove the Arizona DB all the way onto the bench on his own sideline. He completely embarrassed him. Benjamin was used a ton as a receiver and I expect him to be used like that in the NFL. An NFL team will take early on day three and use him as a receiver out of the backfield. I’d expect Benjamin to be used a ton with screens and angle routes.

Where He Should Go: 6th or 7th round

Where He Will Go: 5th or 6th round

Rating System:

Vision: 8/10

Contact Balance: 7/10

Play Speed/Burst:7/10

Change of Direction: 10/10

Receiving ability: 9/10

Pass Protection: 4/10

Elusiveness: 8/10

Athleticism: 7/10

Patience: 8/10

Yards per carry: 4.8

Outside of his jump cuts and change of direction, Eno Benjamin doesn't do anything amazing. I think he's a really good receiver and will be an RB3 for a team. Benjamin has solid vision and I think he'll be a role player in the NFL. Benjamin is overall a good player and is going to be used in the screen game. I'd like to see him in a Shanahan, west coast offense. I compare him to Devin Singletary, just not as fast. Benjamin is going to be a nice receiving threat for an NFL team.

Team Fits: Cardinals, Bengals, Jaguars

Pro Comparison: Devin Singletary
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