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Drew Lock Scouting Report

The Grading System (Out of 5)

Accuracy: 2.85

In the pocket: 3.5

Outside the Pocket: 3

Against Blitz: 3 

Progressions: 2.5

Throw on the Run: 3

Improvisational Skills: 3

Mobility: 3.5

Awareness/ Internal Clock: 2.85

Redzone: 4

Decision Making: 3

Team Presence/ Clutch Gene: 3

Gut Feeling: 2.85

Overall: 3.08

Drew Lock.jpg

Drew Lock can sling it. He can put the ball any where you dream of. If it’s in tight windows or downfield, you won’t see Drew Lock miss throws due to arm strength. Lock has started for three straight seasons and has a ton of experience, and despite not being known for it, he has sneaky athleticism. This season, Lock ran a ton of option plays and showed that he can move. Lock was also efficient in the red zone and was great in terms of recognizing blitzes before the snap. Often times you see him checking with the line and changing the play which goes along with his experience. My absolute favorite thing about him was the arm angles that he used. He showed signs of Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy Garoppolo with his quick release. The ball comes out smoothly, it’s all in the flick of his wrist. While all those traits are great, there are also a lot of things that Drew Lock needs to clean up. I want to start off with his short accuracy, you see him miss easy and important throws often on first and second down. Next is his footwork, he starts to get lazy with his drop and he’ll either throw off his back foot or be flat footed. This is a reason for his accuracy issues and is why he has his struggles against the blitz. Finally the last thing that I want to see him improve is his ability to work through his progressions, especially on the deep ball. He’s been bailed out due to his deep accuracy, but in he has a tendency to stare down his receivers on throws over 20 yards. In the pro’s those balls will be taken the other way. He has shown that he can bounce through his read, but every couple plays you see him just look at the same target throughout the entire play. I don’t see Drew Lock as a plug and play guy, I think he has some stuff that he could polish up and get some veteran advice. I think the Giants, would be a nice spot where he could learn under Eli for his rookie season. Joe Flacco could also be a nice mentor for Lock and we know how much Elway loves him. Drew Lock is a boom or bust prospect and we will just have to see how everything plays out!

Biggest Strengths: Arm Strength and Arm Angles

Biggest Weaknesses: Accuracy and Footwork

Drew Lock.jpg
Drew Lock.jpg
NFL Comparison: Aaron Rodgers QB Packers

I AM NOT SAYING DREW LOCK WILL BE THE NEXT AARON RODGERS, what I am saying is that he has some similar traits. The first similar trait is his arm strength. We've seen Aaron Rodgers make "non-human like" throws, similar to the one's I think Drew Lock is capable of. Lock is very raw, but his arm strength gets scouts excited. The other day I watch Davante Adams describe what makes Aaron Rodgers so different. He said it had to do with how effortlessly Rodgers throws bullets. Lock has a similar motion. He can throw the ball 40+ yards down the field with just the flick of his wrist. Rodgers also has a PhD in his arm angles, Rodgers can make any throw and fit the ball into any window similar to Lock. Lock and Rodgers also have similar mobility and while most people wouldn't consider them "fast", but are shifty. I wouldn't consider these two quarterbacks very similar, but Lock has some similar traits to Rodgers. Rodgers has WAY better footwork and his accuracy just sets him apart. I don't think Lock's potential is any where similar to Rodgers, but I think he can be a solid quarterback for what ever team drafts him. 

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