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Complete Fantasy Football Guide 2018-2019

This fantasy football guide is based 100% off of my gut and just players I have good feelings about. It will most likely disagree with every expert and you may think I'm crazy. This is the guide that I draft off of and it has worked for me and i recommend everyone trust it! These are the players that I get excited about, they are the ones that make me gittery and anxious for the season to start. I look up to these players, these are the players that I would miss school for. These are the players that will help you win your fantasy championship!


1. Aaron Rodgers Packers

2. Russell Wilson Seahawks

3. Tom Brady Patriots

4. Kirk Cousins Vikings

5. Deshaun Watson Texans

6. Carson Wentz Eagles

7. Drew Brees Saints

8. Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers

9. Phillip Rivers Chargers

10. t-Andrew Luck Colts, Matthew Stafford Lions


Alex Smith Redskins

Simple Explanation

Aaron Rodgers is mesmerizing to watch, he lights up the score board and will singlehandedly win you ball games. Russell Wilson is a monster, he will carry his team like Lebron James and is a great dual threat. Tom Brady is the goat, that's it. Kirk Cousins is on a phenomenal team and there is a lot of pressure on him this year. Deshaun Watson is a beast. He is one of the brightest stars in the NFL and will light up the league. Carson Wentz is Carson Wentz easy as that. Drew Brees has been on the decline but is still a great option for your fantasy teams. I am fully in on Jimmy G, he is the future of the NFL and will get his first full season. Phillip Rivers is one of the most consistent fantasy quarterbacks in the NFL. Andrew Luck is a back and depending on his defense he could be up higher on this list. Matthew Stafford never disappoints and is a great fantasy quarterback. Alex Smith has a great team around him and is getting better every year.

Running Backs

1. Todd Gurley

2. David Johnson

3. Le'Veon Bell

4. Ezekiel Elliot

5. Leonard Fournette

6. Christian McCaffrey

7. Saquon Barkley 

8. Kareem Hunt, Alvin Kamara

9. Dalvin Cook

10. Melvin Gordon Jerick McKinnon


Jay Ajayi

Chris Thompson

Kerryon Johnson

Simple Explanation

Todd Gurley is a monster and will get the ball without a doubt. People forget about how good David Johnson is, when he is healthy I believe he is the most talented running back in the NFL. Le'Veon Bell isn't with the team right now which I believe will slow him down a little bit, but he will still be a dominant back without a doubt. Ezekiel Elliot is a workhorse back and will get the ball without a doubt. If Blake Bortles looks the way he's playing in preseason I expect Fournette to get around 400 carries this year. Christian McCaffrey is a great back who I think will have a breakout year. Saquon Barkley is on another planet when it comes to talent but I think defenses will try and take him out of the game. I think Hunt will have a lot of production this year, especially in the passing game but I am worried about that slump he had in the middle of the year. Alvin Kamara was slow in the playoffs, but I think he will get his groove around week 5 this year. Dalvin Cook has a ton of potentially but I think he will lose some reps to Latavius Murray this year. Melvin Gordon is a great back and will be a number one back for your fantasy teams. Jerick McKinnon is in a great system and I think he will have the ball in his hands a lot this year. 

Wide Receivers

1. Antonio Brown

2. Deandre Hopkins

3. Odell Beckham Jr.

4. Keenan Allen

5. Michael Thomas

6. Davante Adams

7. Julio Jones

8. Larry Fitzgerald

9. Jarvis Landry

10. Adam Thielen/ Stefon Diggs


Michael Crabtree

Corey Davis

Mike Williams

Simple Explanation

Antonio Brown is on goat status, that's easy. Deandre Hopkins is perfecting his craft and with Watson at QB, he is set this year! OBJ is capable of putting up 20 PPG in standard leagues and will compete for comeback player of the year. Keenan Allen is a top three receiver when healthy and might be the best route runner in the game. Michael Thomas is emerging as one of the elite receivers and I think he is going to have a career year. Davante Adams is now A-Rod's go to guy and will have double digit touchdowns this year. Julio will be great in PPR but with Ridley and Sanu looking good, I don't expect him to get many touchdowns this year. Fitz is onto his final season and I think he will leave everything on the table. I think Jarvis will be a beast this year and I have no idea why he's falling to the sixth round. The final receiver slot is whoever Kirk Cousins has a better connection with and so far that has been Stefon Diggs. Expect them to have big years this season!

Tight Ends
Simple Explanation

1. Rob Gronkowski

2. Travis Kelce

3. Jimmy Graham 

4. Kyle Rudolph

5. Greg Olsen

6. t- Jack Doyle, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins

7. Delanie Walker

8. David Njoku

9. George Kittle

10. Jordan Reed


Vernon Davis

Luke Willson

Rob Gronkowski might be the best tight end to ever walk the planet. Travis Kelce is in his prime and will be a key target for Patrick Mahomes. I think Jimmy Graham will be used in the redzone and with Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball, he is set for the rest of his career. Kirk Cousins loves using tight ends which is fantastic Kyle Rudolph. Greg Olsen never seems to age and will be a reliable target for Cam this season. Jack Doyle is the most underrated tight end in the NFL and will get a ton of targets from Capt. Andrew this year. ASJ is a very good tight end and will thrive in this system. Delanie Walker is a great tight end but I have a hard time trusting Marcus Mariota. David Njoku has had a great camp and I think will have a breakout season. George Kittle emerged late last season once Jimmy came in for SF and will be a great redzone target this year. Jordan Reed when healthy is a top five tight end and with Alex Smith at QB it looks good for him.

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