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Clyde Edwards-Helaire Draft Profile

Draft Profile

Clyde Edwards-Helaire is one of my biggest draft crushes this year. Overall he’s a fun player to watch and he is so elusive. Clyde just runs through players and defenders just slap off of him. His elusiveness is his best trait. His low stature (5’7) actually helps him shed defenders and will make help him with chop defenders blocking at the next level. I have a few knocks on him but the main one is that he played with the best offensive line in college football. A lot of the time he ran through open holes and having Joe Burrow at quarterback makes defenders put a greater emphasis on pass defense as opposed to run defense. All that being said, that is out of his control. Out of the top 4 running backs (Taylor, Dobbins, Edwards-Helaire, and Swift), Clyde Edwards-Helaire is the best receiver out of them. He is a really good route runner and is really good after the catch. He’s also a patient runner and had while he doesn’t necessarily have burst, I think he has speed that receives too much hate. A lot of people hate on his second level speed, but he had a lot of long touchdowns this year. I think his speed is under appreciated. He is such a bouncy runner and he does a great job putting his foot in the ground and juking the BLEEP out of defenders. A team is going to fall in love with Edwards-Helaire and draft him higher than expected.

Where He Should Go: Top 50 Pick

Where He Will Go: Top 50 Pick

Rating System

Vision: 8.5/10

Contact Balance: 9/10

Play Speed/Burst: 7/10

Change of Direction: 10/10

Receiving ability: 8.5/10

Pass Protection: 7.5/10

Elusiveness: 10/10

Athleticism: 8/10

Patience: 8.5/10

Yards per carry: 6.6

I guarantee you one team picks Clyde Edwards-Helaire top 50 in the draft because they have a vision for him. I think he might be a little too small to be a number one back, but he will definitely have a role in the NFL. I think he would be such a great change of pace guy for some of the top backs. I prefer him going to a team that already has a star back, but could use a number two. Edwards-Helaire is one of my personal draft crushes and I think he's going to be a day one impact player in 2020. His best trait has to be his elusiveness. It's so funny to see defenders try and bring him down in open space. He will always expose bad tacklers and his low center of gravity plays a big role in his play-style. Edwards-Helaire is going to be an amazing number two RB and have a big role for what ever team drafts him.

Team Fits: Saints, Panthers, and Raiders

Pro Comparison: Kareem Hunt (but shorter)

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