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Chuba Hubbard Draft Profile

Scouting Report

So far the most disappointing player I’ve watched film on is Chuba Hubbard. Back in 2019, Hubbard was one of the most exciting running backs in college football, but his play in 2020 lost its spark. Both his productivity and performance just completely dropped off to the point where he doesn’t even have a draftable grade for me. 


Hubbard’s potential will get him drafted. In 2019, he showed that he can be a legitimate offensive threat. In 13 out of 14 games, Hubbard ran for over 100 yards. He ran for over 1,900 yards and 21 touchdowns that year. Those stats don’t just happen on accident, a really good running back’s coach can bring the best out of Hubbard. Hubbard is a good blocker, a patient runner and is light on his feet. 


One of the best part of Hubbard’s game in 2019 was his explosive plays. In 2020 he just he couldn’t rip off a big run. Hubbard isn’t very fast on the field and the lack of burst should concern head coaches. Hubbard also struggled changing direction, a lot of times he could make one cut then slip while attempting to make another move. There are issues with his vision as well, it seemed like more plays than not he’d get stuffed behind the offensive line. Hubbard is not much of a receiving threat, as he had just eight catches for 52 yards in his final season at Oklahoma State. There were also notable effort plays in Hubbard’s tape where it looks like he completely gives up on the play. 


Hopefully a great running back’s coach can help rejuvenate Hubbard’s career and bring him back to his 2019 form. Based off his play in 2020 alone, I can’t give him a draftable grade. I see his potential, but he’s not a player I’d take the risk on to be completely honest.

Chuba Hubbard
Chuba Hubbard.jpg
Film Study

Vision 6/12

Contact Balance 6.5/10

Speed/Burst 4.5/10

Elusiveness 6.75/10

Receiving Threat 3/8

Change of Direction 2/5

Athleticism 2.5/5

Pass Protection 4.5/5

Overall: 32.5/65

Final Rating: 50


Pro Comparison: Patrick Laird RB Dolphins

Team Fits: Texans, Panthers, Bears

Draft Ranking: Undrafted Free Agent

Draft Projection: 5th or 6th round pick

Chuba Hubbard
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