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Chase Claypool Draft Profile

Scouting Report

Chase Claypool is a hybrid player with an amazing catch radius. He can be a flex tight end or a big wide out. I love his ability to completely take over a football game. He gets to a point where he just completely dominates the defense and no-one can stop him. He can catch the ball with a defender draped all over him and he uses his size to create separation. The two receivers that I remember entering the draft wondering if they could play tight end were Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess. The knock on those two receivers is that they can’t separate, Claypool is 6’4 and ran a 4.42 forty yard dash. I want to see him develop more wiggle to create that separation. He also needs to develop his route running, he takes false steps at the top of his routes. I think Claypool is going to be lethal in the red zone and is also really good after the catch. Coaches are going to love Claypool, he plays special teams and went to Notre Dame. Claypool will be a day two pick without a doubt. 

Where He Should Go: Day 2

Where He Will Go: Day 2

Grading Report:

Separation: B-

Route Running: C

Releases/Ability to get off Press: B-

Speed: A-

Contested Grabs: A+

Yards after the Catch: B+

Hands: A-

Versatility: A+

Claypool's potential is through the roof. Like most players everything depends on where he ends up. He can be a really, really dominant player if he gets drafted to the right system. I find it so ridiculous that he ran a top 5 forty yard dash at the combine this year. He is just a dude. He is the ultimate red zone threat and can be the fade player. He's a basketball player playing receiver. His ability to make contested grabs is arguably the best in the class. He is solid after the catch and does a great job breaking tackles and embracing contact. If he gets coached the right way, he will be a monster in the NFL. His body control is amazing and will be the ultimate red zone weapon. If his coaches can put everything together, he can be one of the weapons in the NFL.

Team Fits: Jaguars, Rams, Bengals

Player Comparison: Evan Engram

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