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Cam Akers Draft Profile

Draft Profile

Cam Akers is one of the biggest risers in the NFL draft this year. He had an amazing scouting combine, but he didn’t have amazing tape. He averaged 5 yards per carry, but that stat is inflated due to a couple of long runs. I’m not sure if it was because he was playing behind an atrocious offensive line, but he had so many runs for 1 yard or less. He has a big fumbling issue and is terrible in pass protection. One of my biggest issues I have with him is that he gets stood up when he meets contact. While his college tape wasn’t great, he does have potential. He was in a really rough situation with Florida State so I have to give him some credit. He has a lot of potential and if he can end up with a good offense, his career can have a complete 180. He has insanely fast lateral speed and has great burst. His footwork is extremely pretty and while he wasn’t a natural receiver in college, I think he can be a big time receiver threat in the pros. His potential is through the roof and a guy like Andy Reid could be looking at Cam Akers and see nothing but untapped potential. Cam Akers will go on day two, but he can be one of the biggest steals in the draft depending where he ends up. 

Where He Should Go: Late 4th Round

Where He Will Go: Day 2

Rating System:

Vision: 7/10

Contact Balance: 7/10

Play Speed/Burst: 9.5/10

Change of Direction: 8/10

Receiving ability: 8/10

Pass Protection: 4/10

Elusiveness: 7/10

Athleticism: 10/10

Patience: 6.5/10

Yards per carry: 5.0

Cam Akers has insane athleticism and burst, those are the big plus's with his game. He is a really bad blocker and not a natural receiver. Both of those things are coachable, so if he ends up in a good system, I think he can develop. His height, weight, speed all are similar to Aaron Jones. His natural speed and his combine performance has me extremely excited for Akers future. Even though I didn't like his college tape, I think he can be a better pro. In the future, I think Akers will be a good number two, change of pace back.

Team Fits: Chiefs, Eagles, Chargers

Pro Comparison: Aaron Jones

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