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Bold Predictions for Round One

1) We see double digit amount of trades

This is the craziest draft I have ever witnessed and I know teams want certain prospects. Lamar Jackson is one of the players teams will trade for. No one wants to play against Jackson and I don't blame them. I think we'll see at least three in the top 10. This year will be crazy!

2) Mike McGlinchey goes top 10

Every franchise quarterback needs a tackle. I can see the 49ers protecting Jimmy Garoppolo with McGlinchey and I can see the Raiders going after him. He had extremely impressive tape and it looks like he'll be drafted high.

3) Jaire Alexander and Isaiah Oliver are the second and 3 corners drafted

There has been a ton of heat for Alexander and Oliver. Size and physicality are traits teams look for and I expect these guys to get drafted early. Oliver is expected to go on day 2 but I think he'll be drafted in the twenty's.

4) The 3 edge rushers go in the top 10

Bradley Chubb is going to be the next Joey Bosa and I think he'll go top 5 and have 10+ sacks in his rookie year. Marcus Davenport is a genetic freak and I think a team will pounce all over him. Harold Landry is extremely impressive to talk to and even more impressive on the field!

5) Josh Rosen is the second quarterback drafted

Rosen is the most impressive quarterback on tape and I know how much the Jets adore him. Rosen is ready to make a big time impact and get drafted high!

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