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5 Quarterbacks on the Hot Seat in 2020

Baker Mayfield QB Browns

Baker Mayfield is one of my favorite quarterbacks in the league. I love his killer mindset and the way he stays motivated. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and I genuinely love the fire in his highs. That being said, last year was a train wreck. Between switching his facial hair and posing shirtless next to Saquon Barkley, you can tell he got in his head too much. The game didn't slow down for him, like it usually does for second year quarterbacks. This year with Kevin Stefanski, I expect it to happen. I expect a huge year for Baker. His teammates are too talented for him not to have a huge year. Baker Mayfield has a ton of pressure this year and fans will be talking about replacing him if he doesn't have a huge year in 2020.

Baker Mayfield.jpg
Derek Carr QB Raiders

Similar to Baker Mayfield, Derek Carr has that fire in his eyes in 2020. Derek Carr seems pissed off and tired of all the hate he's been receiving. Since being drafted in 2013, Carr has just one winning season. Last year, the Raiders were doomed from the start. Between the Antonio Brown situation and hard knocks, I feel like their offseason was all over the place. This year the Raiders have clarity on the offense. They have a top tier tight end, a promising young running back, and an offensive rookie of the year candidate. With Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller, and Henry Ruggs, Derek Carr has all the weapons. There should be ZERO excuses for Derek Carr and Jon Gruden this season. The Raiders also have a top 3 offensive line in the NFL. If the Raiders don't make the playoffs this year, Derek Carr may be on his way out of Vegas.

Derek Carr.jpg
Sam Darnold QB Jets

Darnold, Darnold, Darnold... I've never been a fan. While he ended the 2019 season on a good note, he was beating teams with a top 5 pick. I feel like the Jets just need to restart. Adam Gase isn't a good head coach and I don't think Darnold is a good quarterback. If Darnold were to breakout, this would have to be the season. The Jets haven't been good in a long time and if they have an other 6 win season with Tom Brady out of the AFC East, that's something to worry about. Other than adding Mekhi Becton, I felt like the Jets failed this offseason. I'm not buying into Sam Darnold, but it's put up or shut up time for him with gang green.

Sam Darnold.jpg
Matthew Stafford QB Lions

Statistically, Stafford is awesome. He always has been, but football isn't about getting stats, it's about getting wins. Stafford hasn't been to the playoffs in what feels like forever. The Lions haven't been able to get over the hump. It feels like every year, the Lions fall into irrelevancy. They have pieces: Swift, Johnson, Golladay, Jones, and Hockenson. This team needs to win their division first, then make a run at the super bowl. The Lions haven't done anything in the past 5 seasons and if they don't make a playoff run this year, I would expect big changes at both the quarterback and head coach position.

Matthew Stafford.jpg
Matt Ryan QB Falcons

A common trend on this list is when the head coach is on the hot seat, the quarterback most likely is too. Matt Ryan is also in the same boat as Matthew Stafford when you're talking about guys who put up stats but don't win games. I'd rather have a winner that puts up mediocre numbers, like Jimmy Garoppolo, than a loser who puts up pro bowl numbers. Matt Ryan hasn't won games since Kyle Shanahan was his offensive coordinator. Ryan has one of the best receiver duos in the entire NFL and now has Todd Gurley. If Ryan doesn't make a playoff run in 2020, he may be on his way out of the ATL. Ryan has a ton of pressure in 2020.

Matt Ryan.jpg
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