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Zack Moss Draft Profile

Draft Profile

Zack Moss is one of the most interesting running backs in the draft for me. He’s hands down the best blocker from this draft class and there will be times where he just completely bounces off tackles like he's a pinball. There are also times where a DB will take him down pretty easily. He's somewhat inconsistent from the games I watched. He has elite change of direction and is really patient. His vision is above average and was an under used receiver. A big knock I have on him is that he doesn’t have great quickness nor does he have break away speed. He is a boom or bust prospect for me, but it depends in the system he ends up with. I think he’s a guy who does better and gets hotter with the more carries he gets. He really likes contact and builds off momentum. When he’s behind the line of scrimmage, I love his bounce waiting for a crease to open up. I think Zack Moss can be a really good starting running back in the NFL.

Where He Should Go: Round 3

Where He Will Go: Round 3

Rating System:

Vision: 8.5/10

Contact Balance: 8/10

Play Speed/Burst: 6.5/10

Change of Direction: 9/10

Receiving ability: 8.5/10

Pass Protection: 10/10

Elusiveness: 8/10

Athleticism: 7/10

Patience: 10/10

Yards per carry: 6.0

Moss truly excels as a blocker and running in the middle of the field. He has really good vision and great patience. He isn't the most athletic back and lacks sudden quickness. I want to see him used as a receiver more often and maybe even shed some weight. Moss has nice rhythm when he runs and could potentially be a number one running back.

Team Fits: Buccaneers, Dolphins, Falcons

Pro Comparison: David Johnson

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