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Ex-Ravens LB Zach Orr Coming out of retirement

Former Ravens Linebacker, Zach Orr, has announced on NFL Networks "Good Morning Football" that he's decided to come out of retirement. This past January, Orr found out about a potential career-ending spinal condition that forced him to retire from the NFL. After doing more research on the condition and with the doctors approval, Orr has decided to comeback to the NFL after retiring just 6 months before. Last year Orr was a 2nd-team all-pro last year and is only 24 years old.  He is one of the best young defensive players in the league and has a big future. This isn't the first time Orr's been a free agent, coming into the league in 2014 Orr went undrafted and has had a chip on his shoulder his entire career. I believe that Orr can come back this year as a pro bowler depending on what team signs him. Orr reportedly has met with the Jets, Colts, and the Lions... of those three teams I'd say that his best fit would be the Lions where he could form a deadly duo with 1st-round pick Jarrad Davis from Florida. A couple other teams I think he'd be a good fit with are the Ravens, Giants, and the Packers. With Baltimore we know what we're getting as he fits their system because obviously when he was with them last year he was a 2nd team all-pro. With the Giants he could be the leader in the middle that they need. The Giants have one of the best DB and DL corps in the league and if they could lock down their LB's then they could have a much bigger chance of winning the big game. In Green Bay, no one knows what's going on with their Defense and if they get a leader on the defense, they could be one of the best in the league. They have some really good pieces with Kevin King, Josh Jones, Kenny Clark, and Clay Matthews and I feel if they were to add Orr they could really sure up that defense. I wish the Best of Luck for Zach Orr and I hope that he settles down with the right team and repeats what he did last year.

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