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Wide Receivers That Need More Hype

​Ohhh... I forgot about him... what he had 1,000 yards last season? Yup! This list is for the WR who don't get enough credit for their potential or for what they did last season and you should keep an eye on for your fantasy drafts this year... Check it Out!

Last year 3 Saints Wide Receivers had over 800 yards; Brandin Cooks, Michael Thomas and who's that last guy? oh yeah! Willie Snead! Now with Cooks gone that frees up 117 targets from that pass-first Saints offense. I expect Snead to be a mid-to-high #2 WR for your fantasy team. I think Snead will be a thousand yard receiver and a steal in your fantasy drafts!

Pierre Garçon is now the number 1 WR in Kyle Shanahan's offense. I mean he's no Julio Jone's but he is in a great position for your fantasy team right now! Apparently him and Brian Hoyer have had a really good connection in training camp and I have big expectations for him this upcoming season. Garçon had over 1,000 receiving yards last season for Washington with Jackson, Crowder, and Reed by his side. His number 2 is Goodwin and Kerley so it's not the same level as Washington last season. I think the 49ers receiving corp will be much much better this year and I wouldn't be surprised if he put up a probowl type season this year!

Let's Start It off with Jamison Crowder! Last year Jamison was the number 3 WR in D.C. but this year the Redskins are without both Pierre Garçon and Desean Jackson. Even though they signed Terrell Pryor who will most likely be the number 1 in Washington, Crowder has the most familiarity with Cousins. Crowder won't be facing number 1 CB's and we know Cousins trusts him in the slot. Last year, Crowder had over 800 yards and 7 touchdowns as the number 3 so I can't imagine how well he is going to do as the number 2. 

Adam Thielen is probably the best non-heard of 900+ yard receiver in the NFL. Going into the season last year he was the number 4 receiving option in that offense behind Stefon Diggs, Kyle Rudolph, and Cordarrelle Patterson. Now going into this year he's the number 1 especially with Sam Bradford starting. Last year he broke out against the Packers in Week 16 and I think this year he'll have a breakout season! I think good value for him would be in the 10th round and you can put him either at your flex or number 3 receiver spot.

Deep Sleepers (zzz)

With Jeremy Maclin gone, Tyreek Hill is now the number 1 Wide Out in Kansas City. But some question if Tyreek can be a true number one so I looked at his number 2. Chris Conley the extremely athletic 6'3 Wide Out is a perfect target for Alex Smith... The 25 year old has a ton of potential and I can see him doing really well this year! For everyone who plays in 12 or 14 team leagues you guys can look to pick him up late or maybe even take him with you last pick in a ten team league. This is a great opportunity for Kansas City and I can possibly see Conley emerging a solid #3 receiver for your fantasy teams.

This year the Seattle Seahawks had drafted WR Amara Darboh out of Michigan... I think he'll learn from Doug Baldwin and get a ton of production in his rookie season. He is a big receiver and the type you can just throw it up to him and I feel like Russell Wilson will just LOVE having him out wide this season. Russell hasn't ever had a receiver like this and I hate to say it as 49er fan but I have a feeling he'll know how to use him. I think that if Darboh plays all 16 games this season he'll have around 700 yards and 7 or 8 touchdowns. I think where he needs to be idolized is in the redzone and he's the type of person you can just throw the ball up to him!

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